Walker Edison Gaming Desk Review (Best Corner Computer Table?)

Walker Edison Gaming Desk (Reviewed In-Depth)

If you’re planning to pamper yourself with a premium gaming desk that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level Walker Edison Soreno Gaming Desk is the perfect fit showcasing its contemporary style in furniture.

walker edison gaming desk


  • L-shape desk
  • Lightweight
  • Has sliding keyboard tray
  • cog
    Has special autonomous CPU stand

The desk also comes in the following colors. Click the images for more details.

White glass with white frame

White glass with white frame

Smoked glass with silver frame

Smoked glass with silver frame

Clear glass with black frame

Clear glass with black frame

Clear glass with silver frame

Clear glass with silver frame

What’s the new trend?

Netizens are getting crazy regarding this new gaming desk, there are many reason why people keep on talking about this product over the internet.

Let’s face it, social media has one of the biggest impact that influences different kinds of people. And guess what? This hot topic has tremendous reviews from satisfied customers.

Walker Edison Soreno is an exceptional gaming desk symbolizing simplicity and elegance at its finesse.

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walker edison soreno black

The creators of this gaming desk make certain that this product will steal the spotlight in the furniture industry most especially products with same price range.

At a first glance, this chair will simply greet your eyes with simplicity since this gaming desk is naturally simple and beautiful.

However, judging a book by its cover is somehow applicable in this scenario. Upon closer look this chair will surprise you with its high quality materials and elegant construction.

Walker Edison Soreno has won the hearts of those who tried their product and up to this day this remains one of the hottest commodity in the gaming chair industry. 

Unique Features

Here are lists of Walker Edison Soreno gaming desk features that is investment worthy.


The creators of this product ensures abundant space for gamers to use everyday even if they are not using this for gaming session. 

This desk has a quarter-circle shape and an addition of two 21 inch deep with rectangular shape. When these two are combined it forms a perfect L-shape.

walker edison design

Walker Edison Soreno style has impressed a lot of consumers in the industry its style is not the usual gaming desk what amazed me the most is its usefulness.

It’s a huge plus for me since aside from my laptop i can use the other side of the desk for my files. It has enough space that some gaming desk can’t provide.

However not all people are impressed with its design, there are some gamers who are not satisfied with its look since it’s too formal and simple. 

Lightweight and colors

Walker Edison Soreno creators want to give consumers a hassle-free experience. This type of gaming desk weighs for 62 lbs and is very lightweight compared to other gaming desk available in the market.

You can avail this product in two shades, silver and black. These colors make the product look elegant and simple.

As I searched on the net for the images of this gaming desk I personally love its color combination added the fact that it’s very light weight makes me love it more.

Quality Check

I can proudly say that Walker Edison Soreno is firm, solid and effective gaming desk not just its quality but also with how the creators constructed this commodity.

Here’s another good news for you dude, the desktop of Walker Edison Soreno is crafted and made with tempered glass.

You can assure its safety while having a sophisticated look. 

walker edison quality check

There is an attached sliding keyboard tray underneath the desktop which is made with firm and reliable steel with powder coat finishing. Now what makes it more exciting is you can install this keyboard tray on any side of the corner section of the desktop.

Now, you don’t also have to worry for your CPU storage since this gaming desk has special autonomous CPU stand which is located beneath the corner of this gaming desk. 

The total construction of this gaming desk certainly provides a hassle- free gaming experience for all their valued customers.

However every commodity has its advantages and disadvantages, some of these are based on few customer reviews in the internet.

Pros of Walker Edison Soreno 3 Gaming Desk

This is one of the most important factor so that people would invest in this kind of gaming desk. Knowing its advantages can enhance the way consumers look at the product. 

There are a lot of benefits that this gaming desk can provide and these are the reason why netizens posted positive reviews regarding Walker Edison Soreno:

1. Stability

Of course the manufacturers of Walker Edison has already planned the total performance that this product could provide and one of this is stability.

This desk is firm and sturdy which is specially created to support the weight of your monitors and laptops. It assures you that your things are safe and secure. 

Although the frames of this desk are thin, they are 100% reliable and durable which makes this product one of the best gaming desk in the market.

2. Color Combination

This product is available in two different colors which are black and silver. However there’s only one color which is mostly the preferable choice of some consumers.

Smoked glass with silver frame
Clear glass with black frame

One thing that caught my attention is the black Walker Edison some consumer preferred this color to generally hide the cables and wires easily. 

3. Pocket Worthy

Here’s what surprises me most, this gaming desk is affordable and a great value for money. 

There are other gaming desk in the market that offers cheap price with defective and cheap materials. This is not the case with Walker Edison.

The creators of this product used quality wise materials and provide incredible features that other brands in the market cannot beat.

4. Abundant Space

For me having a desk that provides abundant space is truly a huge plus factor for me and I guess a spacious desk is what we are dreaming of.

Walker Edison may be your perfect match and might be the product that you are looking for. 

Just imagine the struggle that you will be facing if you will be purchasing a large desk with a very high-end price just to have a sophisticating gaming desk. 

walker edison gaming desk
walker edison gaming desk

Large desk will also occupy huge spaces in your home and left you with a small space to roam around which is one of the dilemma that a lot of consumers are facing.

Walker Edison L-shape on the other hand is designed to fit perfectly in the corner of your room which also makes a lot of space.

The unique design also makes the furniture compact.

Aside from saving space in your room this furniture has 3 desktops that can be use for different purposes not just your monitors and laptops but other electronic gadgets and collections that you have.

Cons of Walker Edison Soreno

This is a fair game and no matter how effective and efficient a gaming desk there will always be other critics who are keen to observe the disadvantages of a product.

Walker Edison Soreno is not an exception for this. There are few flaws and complains about this product here are some of its disadvantages:

1. Width of the keyboard tray

There are few consumers who are not satisfied of Walker Edison because they find the keyboard tray too insufficient of providing space for the keyboard itself.

There are other consumers who likes to set their keyboard with the mouse on the side however this type of gaming desk it not wide enough to provide the proper space they need.

The overall width of the keyboard tray is a serious concern that the consumers want to addressed in the company. 

2. Inconsistent and flawed machining

The assembly of this gaming chair somehow might take you a little while most especially on the feet of the computer carrier piece of this desk.

There are some consumers who were complaining regarding the hole for this feet. Somehow the bolts for the feet of the computer carrier piece are quite difficult to fit with the holes.

Some consumers suggested that the company should look for solutions on this problem like re-drilling the holes is one of the possible solution to be applied. 


Walker Edison has surprised the market of their unique L-shape design. Some of the consumer found style creative and unique. They love how the company created this type of gaming desk to maximize space in their room.

At the same time there are a lot of gamers who love the wide amount of space that the company offers which provides a fun and satisfied gaming session.

Writers including me is alo fascinated regarding this product since this can be bought at an affordable price and offers incredible features with quality wise materials.

The stability and durability of the product is quite impressive, the desktop is made with firm tempered glass which adds up to the sophisticated look of Walker Edison.

Although, there are other drawbacks of this gaming desk that are also considered as major concern in looking for a gaming desk in the industry the company is also making its effort to give solutions regarding their concerns.

I highly recommend this hot commodity for those who are looking for a gaming desk with simple but elegant look. A contemporary style of gaming desk that will suit your taste and satisfaction. 

Walker Edison Gaming Desk Review
  • 9.8/10
    Overall - 9.8/10


It’s one of the top gaming desks in the market today. It’s classy, has enough room for your setup, and would fit with any gaming room theme. I’m giving it a solid 9.8.

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