Vertagear Gaming Chair (In-Depth Review & Buying Guide 2018)

Vertagear Gaming Chair Review (Best Seat 2018 or Knock-Off?)

vertagear gaming chair review


  • Height: 23.75 in. max
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs/200kg 
  • Dimensions: 19.69 x 19.69 x 55.12 in 

If you'd rather watch a video than read my Vertagear gaming chair review, here's a video from The Speedy Driver.

I have this friend who could not, for the life of her, understand why I do what I do: review products, particularly gaming chairs.

But when her son asked her for a gaming chair as a present for his birthday, she immediately turned to me for opinion. Funny how life turns tables, am I right? And yes, I did recommend a chair. That brings me to today’s article, the Vertagear Gaming chair review.


The Vertagear PL6000 Gaming Chair arrived at my doorstep looking all huge. I tried to haul it, but I was taken aback because it was super heavy!

I eventually found out that the package weighed 60-friggin’-pounds.I had to ask for help to bring it inside my house because I obviously could not do it on my own. It is by far, the heaviest package I’ve received. 

vertagear virtus pro model

This model comes in a Virtus.Pro variety!

I was pleasantly surprised that the package, specifically the box, arrived with minimal dings or dents. It was a good start. When I opened the package, my surprise has officially entered the initial stage of impressed.


Everything inside was packaged to perfection and organized so beautifully! I mean, even the base was wrapped securely! I love how Vertagear paid careful attention to the gaming chair parts and did not make it look like they just shoved everything in. I am happy. 

After inspecting the packaging, I carefully laid out all the contents of the box. I was very careful because I did not want to lose a random screw or something. Such is the case when the things inside the package are not wrapped and secured well.

Assembly & Instructions

I am relieved because with the whole package came this very elaborate product catalogue that enumerated all the things that you should have inside the package. I was relieved to know that I had everything. 

Since the Vertagear Gaming Chair prides itself in effortless assembly, I refused any help and wanted to see if a clueless person (when it comes to building or fixing things) like me can handle it.

vertagear dimensions

Image Credit: Vertagear

With the help of the instruction manual and the simple tools that came with the box, I was able to assemble the box in 25 minutes. 

Not bad for an inexperienced handyman like me. The instructions on the manual were very clear. They were both worded and illustrated. The tools were not intimidating as well. They weren’t too heavy to handle for my baby hands. 

The chair comes in with the following measurements: the seat width is 21 inches, the seat depth is 23 inches, the back panel width is 18.75 inches, the minimum seat height is 19.75 inches, and the maximum seat height is 23.75 inches. 


Now, let’s talk about the materials used with this chair. To my surprise, this chair is made of perforated PVC (polyvinyl chloride) leather. This is different from the usual polyurethane or faux leather used among gaming chairs.

carbon black model

The model also comes in a carbon black variety which really cool for me.

Because of this, the chair is expected to have better ventilation, so to speak, and a cooling system. The padding on the chair is industrial-grade and is constructed to be extra large to make sure that users are well-supported. The frame is made of steel; definitely this chair means business. 


Another feature I have not seen in other chairs that the Vertagear Gaming Chair has is the adjustability of the its resistance to rocking motions. I especially laud this feature because I hate being “rocked” while working or playing. It disrupts my concentration. 

vertagear tilt or recline

This chair can recline up to 150 degrees.

Another adjustability feature of this chair is to recline up to 150 degrees. This is just 30 degrees short from achieving a fully-flat position, which for me is really not bad. This position is still perfect if I want to take a quick nap.

In conjunction to the recline, the armrests can also be adjusted. Hold on, before you think, “Yeah, sure, up and down”, let me tell you that you are wrong!

The armrests can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward, and closer to you or farther from you. Meaning, if you need more space in your waist area, you can move the armrests outward, but if you want to limit your moves, then move it towards you. 

Base & Stability

vertagear casters

The Vertagear Gaming Chair has a reinforced five-star base that is redesigned to keep improving the chair and made from industrial-grade aluminum alloy material. From this feature, materials, and design the chair can hold up a user’s maximum weight of 440 pounds or around 200 kg. 

Comfort & Ergonomics

Let’s talk comfort. This chair gives it all. If you look at the Vertagear Gaming Chair, you would think nothing special of it. But when you sit? Pretty sure all you could think, “How is this chair doing that?”, by that I mean, be firm and be the right amount of softness at the same time.

Personally, I have no use for the pillows that come with it because I prefer resting my back fully on the backrest. The way Vertagear designed this chair and subtly integrated the ergonomics to ensure comfort and stability is something else.

vertagear side view

The backrest and armrests helps in maintaining proper posture.

I would like to mention the rock resistance adjustability. I like that this chair takes stability seriously. I have not seen another gaming chair have this feature.

I have tried chairs that can feel snug and therefore, a little restricting. But this chair gave me that option. Because the armrests can be adjusted in multiple directions, I can get more or less space, depending on how much I wanted.

I love how this chair is designed and built to support people on the heavier side. This chair is seriously supportive and comfortable. 


This chair comes with appendages, too. The headrest pillow and the lumbar support pillow. I personally prefer not using these pillows, except when I’m napping. I need my pillows when I nap. It’s a good thing that these pillows are detachable. 

If there’s anything I noticed about this chair, it is its size. It’s very spacious. I love that it can support my very broad shoulders.

Warranty and Availability of Replacement Parts:

Vertagear products are guaranteed to be flawless, both in workmanship and parts for two years from point of purchase.

You are entitled to have your Vertagear products replaced within that time frame. The same goes if your product needs repair. Just present your proof of purchase upon return. To see the specific guarantees for each part of your chair, feel free to visit Vertagear’s website. 



I'd give this chair an 7.5 out of 10. While it does have the basics covered, the design department needs a bit of an upgrade. I do like the carbon black model which I feel is perfect for minimalist rooms, but other than that the other models feel a bit meh.

vertagear gaming chair review

The price is a pretty steep too at around the $400 range. Our most recommended seat, the GT Racing chair, looks a lot better at just around $160-ish.

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Vertagear Gaming Chair Review
  • 7.5/10
    Overall - 7.5/10


While this seat have the basics covered, the design department needs a bit of an upgrade. I do like the carbon black model which I feel is perfect for minimalist setups, but other than that the other models feel a bit meh. The price is a pretty steep too at around the $400 range.

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