5 Things You Have to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair

5 Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a PC Gaming Chair

This article was last updated on January 1, 2021

It’s always more than a chair, if you’re a dedicated gamer. Specialized and structured gaming chairs are basically your life support, since your game plan is affected by your overall comfort. Not everyone has a good eye for these things, so we made you a list of the top 5 things to consider before purchasing PC gaming chairs.

Which gaming chair type works best for me?

Naturally, this depends on which kind of game you play. According to Matt Smith, there are Mid-range Gaming Chairs that are not as costly but is also perfect for PC gaming, with all the adjustments and armrests.

There are also High-end Gaming Chairs, perfect for simulation games and racing.

Smith adds that if you’re a serious gamer, $200 on a gaming chair wouldn’t be hard to invest.

What features should I consider?

Not all gaming chairs are created equal, so minding the features of each one is important. Upon buying, you must consider how you will set-up the chair. Although models come with a manual, it is still best to think about the level of difficulty of its set-up.

X Gaming Chair, another gaming site, cites mechanisms and adjustments as one of the features you must consider. Adjustments to seating and depth height, as well as the reclining mechanism helps to maintain proper posture as you go along playing.

gaming chairs features

Armrest adjustment capability also ensure comfort, since gaming requires the use of your shoulder and arms. Neck and lumbar support should be considered too. Models often include pillows that support your nape or the end of your spine.

Upholstery is an important consideration too. X Gaming Chair cites that leather isn’t good for people who sweat often, while breathable mesh is easy to maintain. But Polyurethane (PU) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the more famous picks as material.

How do I pick design and assure comfort?

Sitting all day in front of a PC causes health problems, and lowering them is a big help. Ergonomic ratings can be one way of assuring yourself of comfort in picking out gaming chairs.

We have our own guide that summarizes some gaming chairs and their ergonomics ratings for you.


High Ground Gaming cites ergonomics as its top consideration in buying gaming chairs since an excellent rating will ensure that you perform your best during games. Your choice of chair can really make or break your game.

How much should I invest?

If you’re serious about your PC gaming business, then $200 and up shouldn’t feel like it’s been flushed down the toilet. These High-end models are perfect for dedicated gamers. On the other hand, Mid-range models cost about $100-$200.

There are also bargain chairs and bean-bag types that usually are just cushion types on the floor. They are not suitable for all-out gaming, but it will do if you’re on a tight budget.

Where should I seek advice?

From fellow gamers, of course! You can definitely find them in discussion forums and review sites. Gaming enthusiasts take their hobbies seriously and they almost always know what to look for and which model has value for bucks. So, be sure to find these people and know their latest opinion on gaming chairs before you purchase your very own.

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