Merax Gaming Chair (In-Depth Review & Buying Guide 2021)

Merax Gaming Chair Reviewed: A Cheap Knock-Off or REAL Alternative?

merax gaming chair review


  • Mesh in the middle for air circulation
  • Design is right on the money.
  • Comfortable especially the seat and armrests.
  • cog
    Decent price for quality

At some point in our lives, we all get tired of seeing – and using – the same old chair we’ve been tolerating for years. Ergonomic chairs are in! Well, they have been for years.

I want to particularly talk about Merax Gaming Chair. Is it really worth the hype or not? Let’s see if it’s able to keep our backs in place while leaving our wallets a bit more loaded than anticipated.

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Technical Specifications

Chair Assembly and Chair Size

Merax isn’t hard to understand, which makes it a great offer for newbies. However, it might get troublesome if you’re a bit impatient, and want it done as soon as possible.

It’s a bit tricky as you have to make sure all of the screws are being lined up appropriately. Once you’ve confirmed a solid line up, that’s when you can start tightening them up.

merax chair dimensions

Chair dimensions in inches

The height is pretty impressive, it’s 20.1-24.0 inch. This is, of course, at sitting height. Its backrest dimension is decent at 33.8(h) x 23.2(w) inch. If you ask me, it’s more than enough room for an average gamer.

Lastly, we have the seat dimension at 20.8(w) x 19.7(d) inch. Putting all the numbers together, it makes a good looking chair with its back as its prominent attraction.

Here's a video that shows the assembly of this chair following the instructions included with the purchase:

Materials and Design

The design is right on the money, the combination of red and black pattern is sexy. When it gets down right to it, its aesthetics is pretty simple. It definitely takes after the gaming chair assembly.

merax executive racing chair with footrest

Evidently, it’s a racing style gaming chair. It shows you the good stuff with the design of a luxury sports car. Looking at it, its thick padded arm gives off a neat highlight of a feature.

This awesome-looking chair is entirely covered with leather. Impressively, Merax managed to make it soft enough for a comfortable use.

The nifty piece alone already makes it a must-have for people who spend hours playing computer games for an extended period of time – like, you know, yours truly.

In order to specify it better, the cover being used is PU leather complemented by mesh fabric. This is a really great combo, if you ask me. It isn’t harsh on your skin and cleaning is a breeze.

As for the concern of backaches, this mostly has it covered. Its large backrest design keeps you from speeding up your age through “a crack from your back”.

Shedding some light to the fabric and other materials being used, it gives off a durable run. Honestly, if you want to fill the gap between what’s lame and awesome for an affordable high back ergonomic leather racing gaming chair, then this is it.

Additional Features

Before anything else, I just want to add in how the makers were clever enough to put Mesh in the middle. It does the trick in making the chair seem breathable than the usual full leather chair.

Its high back has always made people take a double look, but it’s not all that it has. It’s being contoured with a purpose. Combining it together with the chair’s concave seat, it naturally flows to the curves of your body.

merax chair upholstery, material, and design

Merax's high back coupled with a headrest and lumbar support.

As a result, you’re getting a better support ergonomically ever before at this price range.

Also, let’s not overlook how this baby’s lumbar support and head pillow are adjustable to fit your comfort and needs.

Another thing, it gives you the time of your life thanks to its padded armrests – seriously, unpadded ones are a sore. You’re able to move it as you will as it can be shifted in both height and direction.

Do you want to feel like a boss? (Even after losing three games straight in a row) you can use its slide out footrest to get you away from stress.

Everything about this chair is adjustable – it has a 360-degree swivel rotation to give you a tap of convenience. In addition, you’re able to tilt the seat as you wish while being supported with a lock function.

Assuming you want to go lower, you can use its tilt locking system. It can give you up to a 180 degree of pure comfort and style.

Recommended and Max Capacity

Despite being well-made and neatly constructed, it comes with a height restriction. If you’re a giant – like, Yao Ming level, by all means, don’t use this chair.

This isn’t able to work efficiently for someone who’s over the height of 6 feet. (Mind you, Yao Ming is 7′ 6″).

You see, it’s a bit limited for tall people. The upper portion of the back area doesn’t come with a cushion. Aside from the height concern, it’s a fairly cozy chair to use.

One last thing, I’m too happy about its weight capacity. It only carries up to 280 pounds. Yeah, the height and weight limits are kind of meh.

Merax Gaming Chair Warranty and Support

The chair's warranty can be requested from the manufacturer, Merax, or through contacting Amazon support.

When I checked on Amazon, the warranty itself isn't on the product listing so you either have to go directly to the Merax website.

Unfortunately their company website looks like a throwback from the 90's so you can't really find any warranty information. You can get their contact info on here.

Product Overview


When talking about comfort, we have a lot of aspects we can go around with it. One of our favorite features is its thick padded arm pillow and seat.

For people who are on a budget and want to dump their silly excuse of a gaming chair, then this already a great leap in the aspect of comfort.

The fabric is notable as well as its PU leather. It’s pretty simple: Breathable material = comfortable time. Just to give you a bit of nudge, it makes it easier to clean which saves a lot of time.

Top it all off with its backrest, the large back support is just heaven (since I often work using this as well!) Placing the pieces of the pie together, comfort isn’t an issue with Merax Gaming Chair.


While my experience with it has been comfortable, durability is another thing. Honestly, I wouldn’t consider this for a long-term use.

This can’t handle abuse for the many years to come. However, knowing that it’s made out of PU leather with a neat combo of Mesh, it’s able to withstand longer than anticipated.

Assuming that it has been taken care of properly. As for the tilt locks, the experience has been rocky. There are times where it would “act up” it can be temporarily fixed, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

The armrest, which I adore comfort-wise, is highly susceptible to cracking up. There might be minor issues on durability, but if you don’t use it as much as I do, my bet is it would serve up a good number.


My take on the design is great. I’m a simple person who doesn’t want to complicate things (choosing chairs are trivial) but this one is a perfect balance of work and home.

The fact that it’s able to pull off a sporty yet elegant vibe, it’s already plus points for me. If you’re planning on adding a new member to your home office, the pattern of black and red is pretty sweet.

Weak Points

Merax Gaming Chair has a number of wins for certain departments. But I can’t say that it’s enough to excuse its downsides.

I did mention a couple of times that the armrests are padded. It’s true that it offers a comfortable time gaming. However, I think it isn’t padded enough, especially if you’re going to compare it with other models.

But that’s not really the issue here. I just find it annoying how it’s sensitive to adjustments. Before you say ‘Oh, adjustable armrests are great’ just imagine have to readjust them every time you make the slightest move.

Sounds fun? Hell no. This isn’t much of a concern though (unless the thought ticks you off as well) but the company, Merax, could fix it by adding a lock feature.

Is The Merax Gaming Chair With Footrest A Good Buy?

Well, it’s a neat little feature that’s for sure. But I honestly think that it’s better without it. For some reason, it’s quite fragile and flimsy. It broke after 7 days of continuous usage.

We have a huge hunch that the pull out should have been metal instead of plastic. Overall, it doesn’t feel secure. If you plan on using it heavily during your time of use, I wouldn’t say that it’s a good buy at all.

Merax vs DXRacer: Which One Is Better?

Before we jump the barrel and say which one is better, let’s look at this at the price range they are. When it comes to cheap gaming chairs, this is at the top of its league.

If you’re going to compare it to the big leagues such as DXRacer, I can say it puts up a good fight. But you do have to lower down your standards on padding and compensate on features.

To answer on which one is better, I have to go with DXRacer. It offers better build and quality. Not to mention it doesn’t tolerate flimsiness and loose screws as much.

The main reason for choosing DXRacer is that it isn’t as superior as the company says it is. Yeah, it’s great for the lower caliber models, but not on the same level as the likes of DXRacer.

Verdict: Is It Worth The Money?

Considering the money you’re spending isn’t a lot, then it probably is. It generally depends on what your ideals are.

For instance, I would say that it’s worth every penny if you’re simply looking for a decent ergonomic chair to replace an ancient chair at home for gaming/work.

But if you plan on keeping this with you throughout your virtual world escapade 7 days a week (with heavy abuse of movements) you might want to spend a bit more. Just check out the other reviews on this page!

There you go – we’ve finally done our research for Merax Gaming Chair! I hope you found this short article useful. Regardless of the cons, we’re definitely impressed with its performance considering the price tag it comes in with.

Merax Gaming Chair Review
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


It’s a pretty affordable gaming chair so try to curb your expectations. It is from Merax though – a reputable brand, so in terms of quality I’m pretty sure the chair has got you covered.

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