Kinsal Gaming Chair (In-Depth Review & Buying Guide 2021)

Kinsal Gaming Chair: Detailed Review & Comparison

kinsal gaming chair


  • Great quality for price
  • DX Racer-inspired design
  • Comfortable and ergonomic

UPDATE: I’m getting a lot of emails from people thinking that I own Kinsal or this is the official Kinsal website. Just to clarify, I am NOT the owner, nor the customer support representative of Kinsal. I got hold of the chair and just reviewed it. Thanks!

Update June 2, 2018: I just found out that Kinsal released a newer model. This review will reflect this update.

When shopping for the best gaming chair for your gaming station, most gamers would believe that comfort and affordability can never be found together in just one chair.


Enter the Kinsal gaming chair – one of the cheapest, yet one of the most comfortable and well-designed gaming seats on the market today!

What’s more, the positive reviews received from other users were sufficient reason for us to give the Kinsal Gaming Chair a try. Have a look at what we’ve found or click the button below to see the chair for yourself!

The Kinsal Difference?

What makes Kinsal Gaming Chair any different from the more famous gaming chair lines?

First, it comes at a cheaper price tag. Second, it does not feel cheap, but rather it is as comfortable as other high-end gaming chairs.

For some of the gaming aficionados, Kinsal Gaming Chairs might be a brand that is practically unheard of.

However, this low-key US Registered company has been making a name for themselves by producing cheap but high-quality gaming chairs.

They have also been slowly gathering a following since several gaming chair reviewers have begun to take notice of this relatively new but promising brand.

Finally! They Have A Website!

About 10 months ago, this review article has gotten popular - in fact, too popular - that people thought I am Kinsal's owner. I got 5-10 emails every month asking for replacement parts or asking me about warranties and policies.

FINALLY, they have their own website. It looks a bit crappy, but it's a website nonetheless. Unfortunately, it looks like you still have to contact Amazon because they don't have a contact email or number in their Contact Us page.

Technical Specifications

Chair Assembly and Chair Size

The easy, uncomplicated, and tool-free assembly of the Kinsal Gaming Chairs has been truly useful, especially due to the fact that this chair is on the heavier side.

With a dry weight of 47 pounds and a dimension of 53 x 25 x 9 inches, it will be quite difficult to piece together the parts due to the weight – we hope the backrest was not attached to the seat itself!

When it comes to the size of the chair, the measurements are fairly spacious.

First of all, the backrest of the Kinsal Gaming Chair is roughly 37 inches long and it comes with a width of 22 inches. 

kinsal gaming chair assembly and size

The assembly looks pretty nice.

Moreover, the seat is made in a bucket style and the depth of the seat is at 19.7 inches while the seat width is at 20.4 inches.

This means that there is enough space to support your back and spine and it entails enhancing your posture and comfort.

Additionally, the armrest and the height of the chair can both be changed and the maximum height of the entire chair reaches approximately 49.54 inches high when it is properly adjusted.


kinsal gaming chair

When it comes to the materials used in this chair, you can be assured that it is of top quality since the frame and armrest are made of almost pure metal while the chair cover is made of PU leather.

Polyurethane or PU is faux leather that has been known to be resistant to harsher weather conditions and it is also resistant to severe wear and tear which makes it ideal if you prefer a long lasting unit.

PU material is also easier to clean so you can enjoy eating and drinking while playing or working on your computer.

Since this is just faux leather, there is no animal harmed in making this product…so put your pitchforks down.

Additional Features

This model is also equipped with the conventional tilt mechanism which allows you to recline the chair from 90 to 180 degrees and can become an excellent alternative to an actual bed, especially if you are too

kinsal gaming chair

180-degree backrest tilt offers multiple recline options

An added bonus that comes with each purchase is the inclusion of a free headrest cushion and lumbar pillow that provides extra support to your lower back and neck area.

In addition to this, the armrest can also be adjusted and repositioned. They are also customizable according to your preference to ensure optimum comfort and convenience with your arms and shoulders.

The kid in you can also play happily with the 360-degree swivel of this chair – the chair rolls smoothly and quietly.

Recommended and Maximum Capacity

The chair can carry the weight of up to 350 pounds which is extremely impressive for this product’s price. Moreover, this chair can also comfortably sit those who are above 6 feet tall.

However, the maximum capacity of the chair does not ensure maximum comfort so you might wish to check the measurements of the chair against your body type before making your final purchase.

Kinsal Gaming Chair Warranty

One unique feature that comes with the Kinsal Gaming Chair is the ID card which is branded as a metal gaming chair ID card that symbolizes dignity. This is a warranty card that comes especially with your purchase of the chair and you can use this card as a reference whenever you have a problem with your unit.

Based on the reviews of other users, the warranty is a hit and miss experience. Overall, the customer service of this company is willing to accommodate any of your needs and queries.

Here’s a guide on how the warranty works:


  • Free return for no reason
  • Free replacement (contact Kinsal via message)


  • Free replacement for damaged or defective parts (contact Kinsal via message)

Updated May 31, 2017: I checked and it seems like you have to contact Amazon support (not Kinsal directly) if you have any issue regarding the chair's warranty.

Product Overview

Unit Assembly

The three step assembly of this model is an extremely welcome feature, especially for those who are not as handy when it comes to building chairs.

I have personally built this unit on my own and I did not have any trouble attaching the gears and components since the parts are neatly packaged and easily distinguishable.

kinsal dimensions and wheels

Chair dimensions

The manual is also easy to understand, but I did not find the need to use it as much since the assembly of the chair is rather straightforward.

There are also various videos available on YouTube and you can check that out if you are more of a visual fellow.

The chair was quite heavy for me, but I did not need to carry it for a long period of time, so the weight was manageable even if I was alone. The final result is an extremely visually appealing chair that is also sturdy and comfortable. Overall, it took me less than an hour to build the chair in its entirety.


It provides luxurious comfort for your back and spine area, however, the height of the user can be a factor since the backrest might not be able to fit perfectly for other people.

kinsal box and lumbar support

Lumbar support and headrest comes with the chair

When you receive your package, it comes with an added headrest cushion and a lumbar pillow that can be adjusted easily according to your preference and can also be re-adjusted as you wish.

Since the back recline on this model works rather fine, it won’t be impossible to take long naps in this chair.

If you attach the cushions and pillows to your chair, it might provide additional comfort for the user, especially to your neck and head area.

In addition to this, the wheels work smoothly and it does not scratch my floor.


kinsal parts

Kinsal comes is a nice box with decent-quality parts.

Since the chair cover is made of PU leather, you can be quite certain that with the appropriate amount of care, the chair will last you for a long time. The steel frame also ensures durability since the built is sturdier. The chair can also be tilted back easily, but it feels steady and sturdy to support me even when it is reclined almost flatly.

Since I use this chair for movie marathons, I eat an awful lot in this chair, but it is effortless to clean up due to the materials that were used in making the Kinsal Gaming Chair.

Weak Points

There are no other choices available since they are only producing one type of model during this time. However, they have made up for this by having several color choices to choose from. It comes in multiple color options such as plain black or black with either a touch of pink or white or blue or green or red or orange among many others.

Moreover, the unit has a shorter armrest than most chairs and it is also distanced unreasonably far apart, while the chair itself has a bucket style seat that might be too thin for some users.

In addition to this, it might be difficult to find a replacement for your headrest and lumbar cushion. There are also several users who have complaints on the squeaking sound that the unit produces when adjusting the height of the chair.

There are also instances that the delivery lacks either the warranty card or the tools for adjustment. However, they send it immediately once you have asked for it.

UPDATE: February 23, 2017: I’ve received emails (see my update at the beginning of this article) complaining that their Kinsal broke after 6 months. Although I like Kinsal since it’s a cheap alternative, there have been reports of the chair falling apart in less than a year.

Is the Kinsal Gaming Chair Worth Your Money?

Absolutely. There is certainly no doubt about this. For less than two hundred dollars, I do not imagine that there is a better-priced unit out there with the same features that the Kinsal Gaming Chair has.

If you are on the lookout for an affordable gaming chair that maximizes your money’s worth, look no further since this a unit that is built with your comfort in mind and it will last you for the long run. To be honest, I don’t think you can’t possibly have any better deal than this in the gaming chair market today.

Wrapping Up: Is Kinsal A Good DXRacer Alternative?

Will I recommend the Kinsal Gaming Chair to other people? YES. 

If you are looking to purchase a product that is not only inexpensive but is also as comfortable as more expensive products, this chair is perfect for you.

Is it a great DXRacer Alternative? Not quite. At least for me, DXRacer still screams quality far better than other gaming chairs.

However, if you’re looking for a great budget gaming chair, choosing a Kinsal is a wise decision and you can pat yourself on the back.

Moreover, it is ideal for gamers, binge watchers, office workers, and the professional chair sitters.

You won’t be able to shell out as much money and you will acquire what you pay for. There might be certain compromises along the way, especially while you are breaking into your own unit, but it certainly does not feel cheap.

I have sat and worked and binge watched in this chair for over 12 hours, while occasionally standing up to grab food and the usual short bathroom breaks, and I have not experienced any leg cramp while standing up which has been a common occurrence when you use chairs that do not have the same design as the Kinsal Gaming Chairs.

The high backrest of this chair has also forced me to improve my posture without putting too much strain on my neck and spine.

The ease in cleaning this unit will always be one of the best parts of purchasing it since it still looks rather new despite the stress that I have placed on this chair.

Kinsal Gaming Chair Review
  • 8.8/10
    Overall - 8.8/10


While the previous iteration of this chair sucked balls, this one is pretty good quality and worth a second look.

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