Increase Your Rank: 10 Must-Dos To Get Out of Elo Hell

Increase Your Rank: The Top 10 “Must-Dos” To Get Out of Elo Hell ASAP!

This article was last updated on February 1, 2021

Elo Hell is not the kind of situation you want to be in. It is widely known in League as a skilled players’ inability to rank up because they are grouped with bad teammates.

This method of classification is based on a concept coined by Adap Elo, an American-Hungarian professor in the 1900s, who believed that in any contest, players of similar should be grouped together to create an equal playing field. Its main objective is to produce the highest level of competition possible. 

Although first used in sports such as chess and football, RPG and other online video games eventually adapted it. It is still used in many games today, however its reception generally negative.

Majority of players despise this setup because they believe having weaker teammates prevent them from moving forward in the game. Though there could be some truth to this, many experts have refuted this claim, and observed that all this is just a state of mind.

This state of hell is just another way for players to make excuses when seemingly uncontrollable things don’t go their way. In most cases, what prevents them from ranking up is neither their teammates, nor the Elo rating system, but themselves.

Regardless of whether this is all psychological or not, there is no denying that it is not somewhere you want to find yourself in. It’s an unenviable position that could take months before you break out.

Luckily, it shouldn’t be a permanent thing, especially if you know some useful hacks. I’d also like to share some of my personal tips on how to get out of Elo Hell.

1. Acceptance Is Key – It’s All A State Of Mind

The first step to solving a problem is acceptance, and sometimes that’s the most difficult step. Oftentimes, we look outward for the root of the problem, blaming other people or things we don’t have control over, but at the end of it all, it could really just be ourselves that need improvement.

state of the mind

In my opinion, I’ve come to believe that Elo Hell is just a state of mind. While its possible that external factors do play a part in whether we win or lose, ultimately, if we’re really as good as we think we are, we should find a way to win.

That’s what champions do, after all. They barge through challenges and overcome them without giving in to the pressure.

Accepting harsh realities help us clear our perspectives. It allows us to focus on what the real concerns are and what needs solving. Hopefully at this point, we’ve let go of enough of our own insecurity to freely accept what the issue really is.

As the old saying goes: Once you pinpoint the problem, half your problem is solved. This can’t be more true than in Elo Hell.

2. Strategize A Master Plan

After you’ve identified the root problem, the next step is to work on a solution. As with many video games, having a steady strategy is crucial to win. Gather information when you play, try out new tactics, and evaluate your performance to see where else you can improve.

Also try doing additional research on the game, the different personalities, and even what worked for other users. Follow this process until you formulate a working strategy. Additionally, always remember to be patient because this process takes some trial and error.

When conceptualizing a tactic, make sure your plans are as specific as possible. The important thing to take away here is to understand the game more fully.

This will go a long way in helping make your strategies more realistic. In time, hopefully this exercise gives you a clearer direction on what to do, and draw you closer to moving passed Elo Hell.

3. Know Your Opponents

In the art of battle, knowing who your adversaries are and how they act can give you a big advantage.

This is true in League of Legends, even when your opponents are randomly selected. Studies have shown that users of the same rank usually share similar habits and behavioral patterns with each other.

Through careful observation and analysis, you could be able to notice these trends, and use it to beat your rivals on the battlefield.

know your opponents

Important information such as their weapon of choice, attack styles, main weaknesses, and even battle strategies are things you should remember to take note of and exploit. Studying all these should hopefully prepare you more for battle and result in more wins for your team.  

4. Know Your Teammates’ Strengths

Regardless of who your teammates are and how well they fight, one thing you should always remember is to have each other’s backs in combat. League of Legends battles are a group effort. 

No one player can win everything for their team in the same way it takes a contribution from everyone to get the victory. In short, every person in the team should be doing their task to the best of their abilities.

Know Your Teammates’ Strengths

That is why knowing your teammate’s strengths is very important. Each of your special skills should be used in developing a viable strategy that will prove successful for your team.

In most cases, a group that is successful is not composed of the best competitors, but team player that know their roles, and does it effectively. Teamwork is everything and should be at the heart of your group’s philosophies.

5. Communicate On The Battlefield

Another essential ingredient in creating strong team spirit is good communication between members.

This is especially needed in the virtual world of League of Legends because you have a very limited time to get to know each other. That is where the aspect talking and sharing insights, while the action is going on, is very crucial.

Communicate On The Battlefield

My personal tip here is to take full advantage of the microphone. Be sure to speak up if you’re engaging in a battle, see an opponent coming, or need to be given a potion.

The same should hold true when you have important observations or commands that will prove helpful to the group. Update them also with what you’re doing so you essentially keep them in the loop. The basic principle here is to talk to each other and keep lines of communication open at all time.

Aside from the verbal cues, communicating also helps your teammates get to you know more, as well as your train of thought and tendencies in battle. Eventually, this will build towards a stronger camaraderie, and prove helpful to your total team character.

6. Spend Time Practicing Your Skill

The League of Legends game allows its users to have practice sessions in specific ranges. These aren’t just a prop in the game, but an avenue for you to hone your talents.

Work on the basic skills such as farming, trading, positioning, kiting, and even some battle attacks. Training and repeating this abilities, over and over, will help condition your mind and reflexes for when it matters most.

Spend Time Practicing Your Skill

As with other skills in life, having a strong and solid foundation is fundamental to getting improving. Many successful players in this game make sure to put in the work.

They know that relying on talent or luck won’t be enough because it tends to disappear when pressure starts setting in. Practice, on the other hand, embeds these skills so deep in your DNA that when the battle starts, fighting will come second nature to you.

Trust me, this may seem like a longer path to take, but the values you learn along are invaluable to your success as a player.

7. Choose A Champion You Like and Master Everything About Them

This particular tip is more of a strategic suggestion than a value-oriented one. If you want to get out of Elo Hell quicker, you need to streamline your methods.

My suggestion is to simply choose a champion you are comfortable with, learn everything about them, and train them regularly.

The more you familiarize yourself with their skills, strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, powers, and favorite weapons, the more effectively you’ll control them once the battle begins.

This methods simplifies a lot of things because you just focus on one character. You will find that following this technique will speed things up a lot.

Once you’re used to how a certain champion works, you’re able to adapt yourself to fit other teams as well, resulting in better chemistry with other players. Along the way, you also gain a lot of confidence in both your character and its abilities.  With any luck, this practice will bring you fortune, and you’ll be out of Elo Hell in no time.

8. Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits and sticking by them is an important reminder that needs to be constantly repeated. After being stuck in Elo Hell for a really long time, many players start to show sign of being overly aggressive, impatient, and compulsive with their decisions.

Know Your Limits

They would try to beat the other team all by myself, and leave their own teammates in the crosshairs of battle. I’ve also seen some users take on champions twice their size and strength. From my experience, making these spur-of-the-decisions very rarely work. Actually, they usually end in defeat and frustration.

When you feel unsure about something, do research. When opponents surround you, ask your teammates for help. When you don’t feel well enough to play, rest and live to fight another day. There’s no use pushing yourself to the limit because it very rarely works in your favor.

9. Keep Your Cool

Similar to the point before this, when battling or getting attacked by enemies always be reminded to keep your composure. The more you let the pressure get to you, the less effective you’ll be. If you allow things to get to your head, you’ll crumble right then and there.

Keep Your Cool

The idea here is to keep yourself above the negative energy so that you’re always in control. It gives you a better vantage point to make proper, mostly on the fly, decisions that could greatly affect the outcome of battle.

Again, rely on your co-players for motivation and support. In the same way, learn to praise your teammate for a job well done, and comfort each other when you lose.

The most important thing to remember is to stay within the process and trust in yourself.

Getting out of Elo Hell is as much a mental task as it is psychological. If you let it get the better of you, you’d have lost the battle already.

10. Have Some Fun

At the end of the day, this is all just a game. There’s no use in taking things too seriously that you lose all the fun in playing 

Actually, people who are too intense when playing have the lowest level of success. On the other hand, people who have fun and keep a light-hearted disposition end up winning on most occasions.

That is why you should never underestimate the power of positivity - get the best computer chair you have, sit down, grab some snacks, and play the game!

Having fun and enjoying the game can be contagious. Although this is a competition and everybody wants to win, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a level of amusement, right?


After talking about all these tips on how to get out of hellhole, I’ve realized one important thing: Elo Hell is really about overcoming yourself than it is about the skill level of your teammates. It teaches us that we should learn to trust in others and rely on them for help.

It reminds us that in order to evolve into a certain rank, we need to go through a process. And finally, although sometimes difficult to accept, both the problem and the solution can be found in ourselves.

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