IKEA Computer Workstation (In-Depth Review & Guide 2021)

IKEA Computer Workstation Review: An Economic Alternative?

Having a suitable computer workstation greatly affects one’s state of mind and physical well-being. In fact, it has been know that just by working or studying with the comfort of the right computer workstation increases a person’s productivity.

Today, I will be reviewing one of the many best IKEA Computer Workstations ever created, the Micke Computer Workstation.

IKEA furniture brand: what is it known for?

One of the most attractive, or perhaps, catching quality of a furniture, or any thing for that matter, is its affordability. So does IKEA have this one nailed down?

The answer would be yes. Almost all people you could ask for about this brand will say that the price is the least of your concern. Aside from its affordable prices, IKEA is also recognized for its stylish designs making it very popular among many people and even well-known designers.

So what can you say? Do I have, or rather, does IKEA Computer Workstation have your attention now? If so, then join me on this review as I go through the great features it offers to the masses.

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Key Features of IKEA Micke Computer Workstation

The Micke Computer Workstation works favorably with students and small office workers. It cleans up nicely for a small furniture and looks mighty fine for its price. Below are its more specific description of its features.

Magnetic writing board

Yes, you saw it right. There is a magnetic writing board all for you. This could save up some space for you and make your desk appear paperless since you can now store away your writings in the writing board. You could also write your daily reminders or to-do-list to keep you updated all the time.

A great plus, right? But does it take up too much of the desk space? Lucky for you, no, it doesn’t so no need to fret. I think there’s pretty much room for the basic school or work stuffs you need on this desk.

High on customization

The shelves can be adjusted in accordance to your needs and rearranged it again the way you want to anytime. And as for the storage unit underneath, it can be easily moved to your right or left depending on you.

Some people like me, for example, loves having a desk that is highly customizable because it makes us feel like the desk is really ours since we had a hand on making it look different than the rest. I don’t know with other people, but yeah, that’s my take on this.

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Small but big storage rooms

It can be placed in small rooms and tight packed places but it actually has a good amount of storage room for a small workstation. Aside from the side shelves I’ve mentioned before, it also has another one above it for your books, CD’s or DVD’s, and any of your stuffs.

Notice that there are also side panels on the top shelf that will keep your things from falling. So if you have very limited space in your room but is quite big on storage space, then this computer workstation could be for you.


Almost all desks nowadays are also designed to fit a computer considering the kind of world we are living in right now. Whether you’re a student or a worker, it is important to choose a desk that is befitting for computers and laptops.

Well, no need to fret, my friends. Your computer is in safe “hands”—or desk—since it has good air ventilation provided by the opening of the back panel. There’s also a small whole on the desk for the computer wires making your workstation look well ordered.


Modern Lines

Are you worried that your IKEA Micke Computer Workstation may not look good in your room? Because I, for one, will not be able to work effectively if my desk looks like it belongs from some other strange place instead of my room.

But worry no more because due to its modern lines, it will go with any of your bedroom themes, as if it’s especially made for your room. Besides, you could choose between two colors; black-brown or white.

Expandable work surface

I think I know what you’re thinking. Sorry, but no, it does not have some hidden tabletop nor does it have some tucked away storage cabinets or add-ons.

What I mean about expandable work surface is that you can add space to your work surface by combining desks and drawer units.


How, you ask? You see, this particular IKEA Micke desk is just one of the Micke series desks that the IKEA has and apparently, it is said that all desks and drawer units in the said series are of the same height that makes it possible to expand the desk with the addition of other IKEA Micke desks.

Final Judgement

One thing is for sure; this desk is certainly not for everyone. Some people loves space while some are more than happy with small rooms. Or it could also vary depending on the living condition you are in. 

For instance, you are a “spacious lover” but you are under some circumstances that hinders you from having a big space, so in turn, this will limit your choice to having only small furniture. You and you alone can only decide on what is the right desk workstation for you. 

The only thing left for you to do is decide what attributes are your top priorities. It’s your call to make!

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