How To Stop Whining and Start Winning in Video Games

How To Stop Whining and Start Winning Games Like a Pro

I REALLY HATE LOSING. Yes, I do have a very competitive spirit, but in my opinion, why else would you be playing a game if winning was not your primary objective? While I understand that the process is important or playing itself teaches you important lessons (blah blah blah), nothing beats the feeling of besting a hundred other gamers, and being crowned the winner.

Gaming is etched in my DNA. I’ve been playing competitively for several years now, even travelling out of town to take part in competitions. Right now, I’d like to share a few important tips on how you too can be successful in this cyber-sport of champions.

Know the Game

When I say you should know the game, I mean really know the game. Knowing details such as the back-story or online reviews will help you to fully understand its concept. This will help you maneuver around and plan your strategy as you play. At the same time, being aware of these can also make the game feel more real. To be truly in the zone, you’ll need to imagine yourself in that actual virtual world and think like you’re an actual character in the game. That only comes through a deep understanding of how the game works.

A simple tip I can give you is to start reading online discussions. Reading about other gamer’s experience and see things from their perspective is a great way to comprehend the game more. Focus on the different strategies they used, whether it worked or not, and compare it your own playing style. Eventually, you’ll notice that these piece of information will make the game a lot easier, and a whole lot more fun, to play.

Experience Is Key – Practice Makes Perfect

While research is vital to understanding a game, there is still no better teacher than experience. Nothing beats actually playing the game and learning on the fly. That is why, before feasting on serious competition, you should spend a lot of time practicing.

The repetitive action of playing, day in and day out, helps condition your mind not only to handle in-game pressure, but also to better anticipate what could happen next. Video games are still widely considered a mental activity, which means having the ability to make decision on the fly, strategize, and cope with different factors can greatly increase your chances of winning. Practice, and gaining valuable experience, is a great way to understand the game more.

My suggestion here is that when you are playing alone or with a few of your friends, don’t be afraid to experiment with new and out-of-the-box strategies. Creativity is key here when formulating a master plan that will take your opponents by surprise. After the session, evaluate what worked and what didn’t. This way, you’ll know how else you can improve and become better. The best kinds of gamers are those who don’t just go with the flow, but start the tidal wave for other people to follow.

Ultimately, experience and practice are at the backbone of any player’s success story. The skills, focus, and perspective that it gives you can only be cultivated when you regularly play. As a result, your senses are greatly heightened when the most crucial moments arise.

Invest in Quality Gaming Equipment

If you want to level up in your game, you also have to consider upgrading your gaming hardware. I’m a very practical person, and I don’t recommend that you spend thousands of dollars on high-end equipment that are all flash, and won’t really help you.

What I would suggest, however, is to invest in a quality headset (read our best cheap gaming headset guide!)and a sick gaming computer, with adequate memory storage. These are two devices that can greatly affect your overall gameplay.

A headset is primarily used to heighten in-game sounds and effects, which help make the game feel more real. If you’re playing a battle game, like Counter Strike or Warcraft, subtle hints heard in background can be greatly helpful in discovering where your opponent is. Easy to access controls and a clear microphone should also be determining factor in what model you buy.

In terms of laptops, look for models that offer high-resolution screens for gameplay. The screen should also be quite wide, so you can see as much of your game as possible. Having great visuals, as with audio, are very important in any gaming session. Seeing details that your enemies don’t see will already give you a major advantage and increase your chances of winning. Finally, also be sure that you computer has a high capacity of storage space. The last thing you want to happen is that your laptop keeps on lagging while you play. This is a giant no-no.

In addition to these two accessories, please also make sure that your Internet connection can handle the amount of bandwidth required by the game. A lot of these are played online so having speedy and reliable Internet is a very basic requirement.

Try to have all these things covered and you’ll see a very big difference in how you play. Improving the equipment that you use is also a great strategy in improving your gaming success rate.

Join an Online Community

Most games have a strong online community, where players share important insights strategies on their own gaming experience. I would strongly urge you to do the same thing because this is a great way to see where other gamers are coming from or what they are thinking. This is also an avenue for you to meet people who are just as passionate in video gaming as you.

A lot of members come from different parts of the world, so maximize the conversations you have with them. Share your own strategy, ask them questions, and apply the things you learn to how you play. Majority of gaming events are also posted, and even conceptualized, through these message boards. If you want to be in the thick of things, scour these sites and join in the fun.

Being a part of these online communities make us feel that we belong to some bigger than ourselves and help our enthusiasm for these games grow even more.

Don’t Be Swallowed Up By The Game

The final tip that I’d like to talk about is something external from gameplay. I’ve heard many stories of gamers who get too addicted, only to have the other parts of their life fall apart. In the same way that you don’t want any distractions when you play, before you even think of starting your day-long gaming session, be sure that all other aspects of your life – family, school, work, health, and personal development – are covered as well. As you improve as a gamer, be sure that the other aspects of your life are developing too.


After sharing some important tips with you, it is my hope that you evolve into a great video gamer. It is good for the gaming world that there is always a fresh new source of competitive and high-skilled players entering the scene. While I can’t ensure that following these will bring you success, these are habits that helped me, and I hope they help you too.

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