Homall Gaming Chair (In-Depth Review & Buying Guide for 2021)

Homall Gaming Chair (Detailed Review: Updated Edition)

homall executive swivel chair


  • Very comfortable - soft cushion sucks you in like a couch
  • Affordable gaming chair
  • Just as ergonomic as those with much higher price points

If you want value for your money, you need to get the best. Wrong. Nowadays, there’s always an option that’s friendly on the budget but delivers quality at the same time. In the case of a high back computer chair, that’s also true.

Sure, there are dozens of budget gaming chairs out there. And most are, in fact, cheap knock offs, but every so often you’ll come across a hidden gem. You’ll quickly find out in this Homall gaming chair review that looks can easily be deceiving. After all, there’s a reason this chair is the number 1 bestseller on Amazon.

Technical Specifications

Chair Assembly and Chair Size

The extent of the assembly instructions is a single piece of printed paper. Sure it’s a disappointment, and can cause some worry. But at around $100, what do you expect?

homall gaming chair size

Chair Dimensions

Well, the instructions are surprisignly simple and easy to understand. The bolts aren’t pre-threaded, but come in a small sealed package with an accompanying allen wrench. It’s not too hard to figure out anyway, and the bolts are all the same size so it’s hard to make a mistake.

The actual seat appears to be designed for thinner people though as it’s a snug fit for me. At just over 200 lbs, it was kind of narrow, but not totally uncomfortable. 

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The Homall Executive Swivel Leather gaming chair (that's the long name) uses a cheap sort of glossy leather. I know I said cheap, but I’m not exactly putting it down. It’s just that you can tell it’s cheap, even the stitching is subpar with a lot of uneven pleating along the lining.

homall gaming chairs

But this is minor when considering the weight and the build of the chair, which is quite solid. I need to point out that the base is made of plastic and not metal, but it’s still stable and sturdy.

Additional Features

There’s really not much to say on additional features other than the headrest and lumbar pillows. Personally, I didn’t like them at all, being mae of the same cheap PU leather and too soft for my liking, I don’t imagine you’d get any lumbar support at all from that.

homall gaming chair features

The chair is able to go completely 180 degrees flat as a sleeping position, if that’s your thing. Personally I never go that far back even for a quick nap. It also comes with a tilt rocker, if you’re like me and fidget while you work.

And if you get the Homall gaming chair with the white trim, it supposedly comes with a footrest as well. But none of the options have adjustable armrests, at least they’re padded.

Recommended and Maximum Capacity

The Homall gaming chair claims to be able to hold up to 300 lbs, which is a very confident statement regarding the durability of the chair. But even if that is the case, I don’t see how someone that large will be able to fit considering the narrow seats.

It’s far from an XL gaming chair and more for slim gamers. Homall doesn’t provide a maximum height recommendation, but I’d say someone in the 6 ft range would find it a comfortable fit.

Homall Gaming Chair Warranty

I’m not so sure there’s any warranty to speak of, the best chance you have is with whoever sold you the chair. Which would probably mean having to deal with Amazon customer support.

Although there are reports that they were obliging to send a replacement chair for various reasons, I’d take it with a grain of salt.

Availability Of Replacement Parts

Finding replacement parts may be much easier, obviously not official spare parts, but at least there are a lot of options for generic spare parts. A lot of the affordable gaming chairs appear to be of a similar make and build anyway, so you’re bound to find something that’ll work, if in case you need to.

Product Overview


The Homall gaming chair is very comfortable, the soft cushion sucks you in like a couch, but that worries me a bit on how long the padding will last. But so far it seems to be dealing with my fat butt nicely.

homall chair comfort

That soft padding goes all around so you’ll definitely have a pleasant time on the chair, regardless if you’re working, studying, or playing. The headrest and lumbar support pillows are just as soft and I can imagine ending up sleeping on this chair while working.


There’s a weight to the chair that gives confidence on it’s durability. And all the parts are solid. I’m always worried about plastic bases, I guess I just like the structural integrity and premium feel of a metal base.

homall gaming chair durability

But even so, I didn’t feel any instability or weakness in the base or any other part.


Going through this Homall gaming chair review kept surprising me. The chair is just as ergonomic as those with much higher price points. I especially enjoy the tilt rocker adjuster since I fidget in my seat while working.

homall gaming chair ergonomics

The contours and side bolsters of the bucket seat design are more forgiving than some other chairs that try too much to be a racing seat than a gaming chair. But keep in mind, that if you're a larger frame, it may not work out very well for you.

Weak Points

Honestly, there may be a lot of features we discovered are missing in this Homall gaming chair review, but there’s also little else to complain about since you’re still getting bang for every buck you spend.

The most blatant weakness are the non-adjustable armrests. You literally only have two options: install the armrests, or just leave them off completely. It wasn’t such a big deal since I rest my arms on my desk, but they are pretty close to the thighs for a person who has a wider bottom.

You’ll very clearly notice the stitching around the corner lining. Not that you’ll be staring at it all that much, unless you have a mirror on your computer setup. But I doubt this will be a good option if you’re planning to do live streams. You get this chair for its price and its function-over-form build, not because it’s pretty.

Homall Gaming Chair vs DXRacer: Which One Is Better?

It’s not a fair competition. Let’s leave it at that. The Homall gaming chair won’t stand a chance against a basic DXRacer model in a side-by-side comparison. But when you take into account that the Homall is less than even half the price of the cheapest DXRacer, then it’s a completely different ball game.

You get everything you need, and that’s what really counts. It won’t hold up to the looks and premium quality of the DXRacer, but at least you won’t have to sell a liver to get a chair that will serve you well for its purpose.

Wrapping Up

With the Homall gaming chair, you’re getting what you paid for, and what you paid for is absolute value for your money. Sure, it doesn’t have that premium upholstery with seamless stitching and solid structure of a premium gaming chair.

You definitely won’t be getting the look or feel of branded gaming chairs, but you do get the most important aspects of a gaming chair. Comfort, ergonomics, durability, and all at just a fraction of the price. That’s hard to compete with, and that’s why the Homall gaming chair continues to be the number 1 bestseller on Amazon

Homall Gaming Chair Review
  • 9/10
    Overall - 9/10


It’s the best gaming chair at its price point period. If you’re on a tight leash…err, budget-wise, this is the seat for you.

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