20 Surprising Gaming Setup Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

20 Best Gaming Setup Ideas That Will Surprise You

Setting up your dream man cave is not as easy as what most people think. If you’re just beginner or if you’ve suddenly found yourself wanting to do your gaming room all over again, then take some time to read my article on tips and ideas for creating an ideal gaming lair.

1. Gaming room size

The most fundamental thing when building your very own gaming lair is the room size. What is the ideal room size for gaming? If you were to ask me, well, I’d say that my gaming room would neither be too big nor too small.

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Because if it’s too big and I’ve run out of things to place, the room will feel kind of empty and cold. If it’s too small, on the other hand, the place would be cramped up with my things and it’ll feel very stuffy that could led to ruining my mood and gaming sessions.

With just the perfect size of your gaming room, you’d be surprised how it greatly affects your game plays. Be it small or big, if it’s what your gamer self wants and needs, then who am I to say otherwise, right?

2. Gaming theme or style

One key to create a gaming environment that will improve your mood and even your gaming strategies is by choosing the right theme for your gaming room.

To name a few, first off, you could go for the classic look, a wooden table set in a brick wall. You could paint it in black and white or any color combination you want to match your taste.

Second, you could sport a sci-fi themed gaming room with its techy and contemporary design that will look straight out of sci-fi movies. Another black and white or silver colored will be great for this theme. Simple, classy, and elegant all in one.

If you’re an anime lover like me, then go for whatever your favorite anime is. Or if you can’t choose just one—something I understand well—a mix of two or three favorites will also be good.

You pretty much has all the authority and freedom in styling your gaming room. Just make sure that the colors complement each other well along with your gaming desks, chairs and other personal touches of yours.

3. Soundproof walls

If you couldn’t care less about putting up soundproof walls, then you can skip this part, I don’t mind, really. Or you can just continue reading if you’re up for it, you never know, you may have a change of heart and the next thing you know, you’re on your phone calling a contractor to set up soundproof walls.

Anyways, we, gamers are very well aware of the fact that our game sessions could be a tad bit noisy. You’ve probably heard a handful of complaints from your family members or neighbors about the noise, right?

And this, right here, is where sound management comes in handy in the form of soundproof walls. It do not only function as a noise reduction but it also help in refining the sound quality inside your gaming room.

4. Soundproofing alternatives

However, for those who are in tight budget or a cheapskate, like me, especially if you have a big gaming lair, you can use other alternative methods that will cost you much lesser than soundproof walls.

Some popular alternatives are the use of carpets, thick curtains and wall-mounted acoustic panels. You can also opt to installing an extra layer of drywall, a solid wooden door, double-paned windows, texture paint ceilings, and many other cheap soundproofing alternatives.

You just have to be resourceful and be creative (even if you have to force yourself to channel your “creative side” when in actuality, there’s no creative streak in your bones) and do your best to build your ultimate dream gaming room.

5. Electric Lighting

Poor lighting will not only cost you your eyesight but will cost you to losing in your game. At first glance, lighting may seem unimportant but it actually plays a big role in creating your dream man cave.

Sometimes the wrong lighting could only make you feel tired and drowsy and you only want the opposite so it is important to choose the lighting that will suit the theme of your gaming room and at the same time exude positive energy in the room.

A light must be placed in specific areas of the room that require having one. Moreover, it should also be good to look at that will complement the theme of your gaming room.

6. Natural lighting for nature lovers

Green thumbs, hi there! For nature lovers like me, we could have a gaming room with wide and/or long windows that will allow some sunlight to light up our gaming room. This does not only conserve us electricity and money, but it will soothe our nature lover sides leading to a more productive game sessions.

However, there could be a number of limitations for this kind of lighting. For one, it could only work during daytime and you would still need to place lightings for your evening game sessions. This will also eventually warm up your room and too much warmth may just endanger your gaming babies. 

You’d only be able to bask in the natural light for a short time depending on the weather. Albeit, it’d still like to experience having this kind of lighting even for a while. What do you think?

7. Wiring

Having a gaming room requires having loads of wires, which can be nuisance if not properly tucked in a safe place, right?

For you to avoid this, hide your wires away underneath the carpets or put it along the side of the walls for a more orderly look. Tie up the long wires to make it shorter and tidy to look at. In addition, make sure that the wires do not get in your way or anyone’s way for that matter.

8. Proper ventilation

A gaming room is not complete without a proper ventilation. Since you will be having many electronics working at the same time during your games, this will rapidly increase the temperature of your room.

To prevent your electronics from overheating and for you to play much comfortably, it is necessary to have a fully functioning air conditioner in your gaming lair. I mean no one wants to play in a place where you are practically dripping wet from your sweat.

9. Gaming environment

Your gaming room should give off the feeling of inviting, cozy and friendly at the same time. Because if not and when you invite your friends over, they might just utter some lame excuses just to get out from your room.

To provide a great gaming environment means a lot of things. First, your room should smell nice. Second, it should look great. Third, you can serve some food or drinks, but warn them not to go near your babies when drinking. And last, there should be enough space and chairs for them to comfortably sit around and enjoy watching your game.

10. Internet

Many of the best successful game plays happen through fast internet connections. If you have limited internet connection with very small data allowance, you’d never survive in the gaming world since online gaming uses a huge chunk of your internet data even for just few hours of playing.

Slow internet will only slow you down and possibly kill your character and your mood. Your gaming lair should therefore, have its very own wireless router solely for gaming in order to have smooth and uninterrupted game sessions.

11. Resting corner

Contrary to popular belief, playing computer games, no matter what kind of game it is, is actually as stressful as solving math problems. Believe it or not, a gamer don’t spend all his time playing enjoyably because it could also cause a great deal of stress.

Which is why a resting corner consists of recliner, a comfy couch or a bean bag, should be provided for relaxation. You could easily take a quick nap in the comfort of your gaming lair when the game is proving to be too taxing for you to handle.

Or simply just take some time to compose yourself and think of ways on how to defeat your enemy. Don’t worry, a few minute break will only do you good and it definitely won’t hurt your winning cycle.

12. Gaming desk

Another key to successful gaming is also through the appropriate gaming desk. Choosing what is best for you whether it is an L-shaped, corner, rectangle, wave desk or any other desk shapes, is important.

Depending on your style or preference, each desk has its pros and cons no matter what angle you look at. Of course, you can build your own desk if you want to. A plus since you can customize it according to your needs.

But feel free to browse the internet for popular gaming desks we have right now. You could find almost any of your dream desk with the technology we have today!

13. Gaming PC

Having the perfect gaming PC is every gamer’s dream. But how do you know it’s the right one? One thing is for sure here, a gaming pc with the best graphic cards and the best processor is definitely one step closer to your dream gaming room.

As for the brand, you need to be thorough on which brand to choose or if you want, you can have a gaming pc customized just for you. If you aren’t hurting for money, then you could absolutely keep your gaming hardware up to date.

14. Bigger display screens

If you’re sick with your small monitors, then you can choose to use a television or projector. You can pick a television in a size that you’re most comfortable and happy with. The good thing about having a projector is you can adjust the display size almost to anything you want.

Just make sure that whatever you choose is compatible with your consoles, speakers and any other gaming accessories.

15. Stickler for Monitors

But if you’re a stickler for rules—although there are no rules here since you can have whatever you want—and liked to follow the default gaming display screen, PC monitors (note: check out the best 1440p 144Hz monitor here) , no problem, you can have the biggest size there is.

If you’re really into high definition screen displays, then you can buy a monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate since this will work very well and clearly with 1080p resolution. Only if you have enough money to buy one, because this kind of monitor can be quite expensive.

Having said that, if you’re aiming for minimal budget gaming pc like me, don’t worry, pal, we still have a chance at finding good monitors that are capable of 1080p gaming and are still within our limited budget.

16. Gaming chair

Playing with the wrong gaming chair can be a great impediment to your gaming sessions. You’ll be playing for hours and spending all your time sitting so obviously it’s quite important to find the right chair that can provide you comfort all throughout your game plays.

I think no one with a sane mind would sit in a chair that causes them butt cramps and back pains, right?

17. Speakers

Can you imagine playing without a sound? Of course, you can, but it doesn’t just feel right without it, eh? A definite yes because the sound of the game adds thrill and excitement to the gamers. It enhances the game and makes it more enjoyable.

Which is why having good speakers is essential in every game plays. Be sure to buy one with a good, if not excellent, sound quality. Just be on the lookout for latest sound system with great reviews and buy yourself one if you have some money to spare!

18. Mouse, Keyboard and Mouse Pad

Again, if money is not a problem, you could go for the most expensive mouse, keyboard, and even mouse pad too. But of course, cheaper ones will also do just fine. It doesn’t necessarily mean that just because it’s cheap, it’ll never be considered the best.

19. Headset

If sometimes you feel like hearing all the game sound just for yourself, then it’d be best to have best value gaming headset up and all ready to use. You could have a wireless headset or the one that needs to be plugged in to your PC, whatever you’re most contented with. 

20. Console and Accessories

If you’re also into gaming (aside from online computer games), you can have your own Xbox, Wii and any other consoles and accessories set up in your gaming room. You can place it near your gaming pc or put it somewhere in a separate corner and desk. Doesn’t matter really as long as all your gaming babies are unharmed in one place.

Final thoughts

There are no universal rules for building your own gaming lair. If you don’t mind asking for help, just a few ideas and tips from fellow gamers will never hurt. Perfecting your dream man cave is not easy and you may have to change from one set up to another just to find your perfect fit. Just be patient, my friend, and you’ll eventually make your ultimate gaming room.

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