Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: Which to Use When & Why?

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: Is The Difference Really THAT Huge?

There’s already a different exchange of energy between the two words – Gaming and Office. Do you think office chairs are fun?

Obviously, there’s a better fine line between the two. But how different are they? At the end of this article, you’ll either be the next CEO of an accounting firm or a world-class gamer!



Let’s face it – we’ve already drawn enough of an image of what we think both chairs represent. And what you’re thinking isn’t far-fetched either.

gaming seat vs office chair
Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: Is The Difference Really THAT Huge? 1

Originally, gaming chairs are inspired by racing car seats. You know a word which would perfectly describe race cars? COOL!

So it’s not surprising why Gaming chairs would immediately pop-out in the room. These awesome chairs are specially made to provide comfort for long hours of gaming – I’m talking about sitting on your ass for more than 7 hours, boys and gals.

  • Gaming chairs have been designed with a high back in order to offer a head support. Not only that, but it sends you to heaven with its comfortable backseat and adjustable armrests.
  • Picky with colors? No worries. You can dive right in and find the color and design of your choice. It’s just that, it looks more of a racecar seat more than anything.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not only for gamers, these chairs are fairly popular in the corporate environment.

Well, industries which are leaning towards IT and Car companies…as well as the entertainment industry – shout out to my boy, Ryan Higa for rocking one of DXRacer’s series.

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Let’s talk about our grandpa’s chair back in the day, an office chair. This is what old people – I mean, corporate people – use. They’re usually painted with a neutral color (like, black and grey.)

They also sport a mid-back as a support, which basically functions the same as that of a gaming chair.

My impression: Gaming chairs are flashier! As for office chairs…they’re not as sassy.


What’s up, college students? I know how important budgeting is. So let’s crunch the numbers for you. I know how there are some students who are living off of cup noodles to scrape by the day, so the $30 dollar office chair might sound like an attractive deal.

Truth be told, typical office chairs have a tempting price range. You can get a good office hair at around $150. As for the usual gaming chairs (which has a mark of an established brand) comes at $290-ish on average.

Of course, you have lesser features to work with. Like, having little to no features or a limited warranty.

Also, since they aren’t meant for long sessions, you may feel discomfort after 2-4 hours of sitting down.

However, it doesn’t mean office chairs are on the losing side here. Earlier, we were only talking about the average prices of office and gaming chairs. We haven’t touched the Rolls-Royce of office chairs yet.

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  • Great quality for price.
  • Comfortable to lean into
  • Comes w/ headrest and lumbar pillows.

Surprising as it is, but there are regular office chairs which would bankrupt a person. For instance, getting a Grand Executive Highback, Vitra would cost you an estimated price of $6,000 bucks.

Yeah, it’s no biggie. But if there’s something we can get from this crazy price, it’s that maybe there are some pretty badass grandpas out there.

Ergonomic Function

It’s time to display what they’re capable of. I’m going to take an average office chair’s ergonomic functions.

Office chairs at a reasonable price range (the stated $150) are already well-put-together. The arms are made adjustable to ensure comfort for the user as well as putting in tilt tension.

Ergonomic functions
Ergonomic functions office chair

The chair height has been created to offer healthy sitting posture. In addition, the soft arm-pads are another one of the office chair’s neat add-ons.

Its industrial strength for the wheels are quite handy. Some smartly-made office chairs have leather seats partnered with mesh back. This gives you an edge for comfort along with breathability during use.

But of course, it doesn’t really put up much of a fight as the backrest isn’t ideal for everyone. There are cases where it’s a bit too firm to work with. Oh, another point is that mesh wears down fast.

Moving forward with gaming chairs, it offers choices. For instance, you have the power to choose either vinyl, cloth, or even as far as a patented race car seat upholstery. Does it sound comfortable? Hell yes!

Its ergonomic credibility it’s definitely a step higher than the average office chairs. Gaming chairs mostly come with high straight backrest – just to give you a tap of coziness.

Offering another treat to go around with, its adjustable lumbar and neck pillow freebie is something to look forward to – because our backs are special.

Let’s not forget its flexible back, there are some awesome gaming chairs which can handle up to an 180-degree adjustment. Want to take a nap in between games? No problem.

For people who want to eat snacks and drink sodas while in-game, gaming chairs are convenient. Spillage isn’t really a concern as there are series which are made to solve the first world problems of gamers – a simple wipe would instantly get it done!

The arm rests are FULLY adjustable. The title mechanism is not forgotten, too. And to top it all off, it has an adjustable height gas spring to fit for your needs.

While the office chairs give you a corporate feel, gaming chairs make you feel like you’re in a high-performance race car. It doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Who Wins?

who wins gaming chair
who wins office chair

It’s time to decide the winner! *Drum rolls* It’s none other than – YOUR BUDGET! And your personal preference.

These two types are striking. Especially considering that Herman Miller and Steelcase are tough contenders to beat.

But when it comes down to it, if you have some cash to get yourself a high-end gaming chair, why the hell not?

On the other hand, if you have some extra thousands of bucks to throw away, you should definitely go for executive office chairs. They offer more high-end features and an advanced premium look/feel to impress anyone.

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