Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair (A Computer Chair Review)

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair: An In-Depth Review

It was a sunny afternoon the smell of delicious grease and paint permeated through the air in my new office. As I look around I found my friend James and asked him why he looks so exhausted, and he replies back with a blank look that he is damn tired sitting in my old rugged office chair while doing his work.

Before the year ends, I undeniably need to buy a new one that suits the new look of my office and provides comfort as we work. Here’s what I found in the net.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair: An In-Depth Review 1Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair: An In-Depth Review 3

Let’s talk about Flash Furniture

Are you a cheapskate like me? While traditional types of office chair still give you a bang for your buck, today’s mid-back office chair are capable of more than just basic work. They offer varieties of mid-back office chair with different colors and styles with affordable price.

Honestly speaking I like to scout on brands with variety of models for me to choose. I’m not forcing you to buy this but I’m telling you, this type of brand offers bulk of models that might fit in your standards.

If you’re a conservative investor and idealistic for breathable and comfortable mesh that provides airflow on seat and back, you might want to try and consider this option from Flash Furniture to be your perfect office chair.

Flash Furniture Models

Dude don't you know that mesh office chairs are making its way to the limelight?

They are unstoppable and most consumers preferred this type of chair over foam-leather office chairs.

These type of chairs are most likely traditional in design but its features and benefits are way better than the traditional ones.

Here are some of Flash Furniture Models that has hit the furniture industry.​

Flash Furniture H-HLC-0005-MID-1B-GG Mid-Back Black Leather Office Chair​

This chair allows air to circulate around your body, mesh office chair enthusiasts love these chairs and claimed that these are more comfortable than the foam-leather office chairs in the market.

Curious? Well, you should buy one for you to agree or not in their statements and honestly, I would definitely want to try one! Now let’s dig deeper.

flash furniture mid back contemporary

This type of office chair comes with supreme features that packed up together to provide the best service and makes a comfortable seat.

Built with lumbar support, spring tilt control mechanism, tilt tension control, padded nylon loop arms, industry standard mid-back design, pneumatic seat adjustment and soft durable leather-polyurethane made with LeatherSoft upholstery.

Aside from its design it has high quality materials that makes it sturdy, durable and reliable. It has dual wheel-casters and heavy duty nylon base.

The wheel-casters allows you to roll to and from work areas preventing any accidents. The heavy duty nylon base provides long lasting service since it can ensure support on your body whatever weight you have for years.

What makes it more attractive are its foam, which are fire-retardant and very safe.

However some consumer claim though this type of office chair are made with quality wise materials they reported that after a few months of use the chair is no longer working. And its foam are not as comfortable as they expect.

Nevertheless, all these pros and cons can be experience if you purchase this type of office chair.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Quilted Vinyl Pink Office Chair

Eyes here boys!

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your daughter, girlfriend, mother or wife this type of office chair is the answer to your problem. This office chair is very classy and exquisite. Available for color green, orange, purple and pink.

This Flash Furniture mid back quilted Vinyl task chair is perfect for rooms with vibrant colors.

flash furniture mid back quilted vinyl

Which makes me think that this is also perfect for my office!Don’t worry boys, Flash Furniture also loves you. For those guys who are looking for neutral colors like blue and black the company has it too.

This chair is not as big compared to the other brands but it is attractive and with colored vinyl upholstery. It has seat height adjustment which is perfect for short people like me.

Mostly, kids and girls love to purchase this kind of chair it provides satisfaction for its style though some people claim that its do not give them the comfort they need.​

​Additionally, investor like me who are looking for an attractive office chair would grab this type of office chair since it is very affordable and add life and freshness to a boring office.

This is a great icebreaker in your office especially if you have visitors and friends, this would certainly attract their attention because of its vibrant colors that make it pop.

However, just like what I point out earlier it does not give enough comfort to the user. This chair do not recline which means you need more pillow to put in the back to experience satisfaction.

If you are looking for comfort and security, I cannot recommend this chair for you. It’s cushioning and functions are limited. This is not a friendly chair for your grandmother and relatives who have back problems.

The Flash Furniture LF-W-118A Mid-Back Office Chair

The Flash Furniture LF-W-118A mid-back office chair is very affordable in the market which is perfect for conservative investors who are looking for quality wise products with affordable price.

Flash Furniture makes sure to construct this type of chair with padded mesh seat and mesh back with an adjustable seat height. The materials are more comfortable and breathable and the pads add extra satisfaction and comfort.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair: An In-Depth Review 5

This is very different compare to the vinyl pink office chair. This is one of the big boys in the furniture industry. It can accommodate and durable to hold around 250 pounds and very reliable.

Perfect for writers who sits for the entire day working, this chair allows air to circulate naturally that gives more comfort since it is made of mesh. The seats are easy to clean and durable.

Now this is the perfect part, I’ve researched that people who have posture problems and back problems highly recommend this chair. This is designed to specifically train your body to keep proper posture.

Ask yourself these questions

Yes fella, it is important to set your priorities and ask yourself regarding on what are the key features you are looking for an office chairs.

We are all aware that there are varieties of office chair in the market. Undeniably, all of them are attractive and offers different benefits and key features.

However, they differ on its affordability. Some office chair are affordable and few are expensive.

I met a lot of people who went to furniture shops without knowing first what are the things they are looking for. This led them wasting their money and consumes time at the same time.

Here are some tips that might help you in finding the best office chair in the furniture industry.

“Am I looking for an affordable office chair?”

Since there are different types of consumer, budget is very important to consider.

So far I can highly recommend Flash Furniture LF-W-118A mid-back office chair for those who are tight with their budget with a quality wise office chair.

Honestly, the price of this chair is a huge selling point. It has amazing features that gives comfort and satisfaction.

However, the style and design is not as attractive compare to Flash Furniture mid back quilted Vinyl task chair. I do not recommend this office chair for those who are looking for extremely attractive designs and styles.

“Is branding important?”

There are times where you contemplate whether to choose a product because of its brand or its features.

Product brands are important, this can earn the trust and respect of every consumer. There are times where products are expensive because of the brand.

As a consumer, you need to choose on being practical or sentimental. That’s why customer reviews is one of the important factor to consider in buying for an office chair.

“Am I looking for an attractive and stylish office chair?”

Style and design provide huge impact for the total look in our environment. Furnitures, paints and tiles should complement each other.

If you are more specific on the designs and patterns of an office chair, I would certainly recommend Flash Furniture mid back quilted Vinyl task chair.

This type of chair can be customized and available in 4 different colors making it more attractive and stylish.

Millennials are the target market for this type of chair. It provides satisfaction through its looks and style.

However, this type of chair do not provide extreme comfort like many other chairs have. It focuses more on its “physical” appearance.

This is also one of the reason why there is a need to set your mind regarding your priorities in finding the best office chair that suits your need.

Through this, you can allocate your budget well depending on what kind of office chair you are planning to purchase. Dude trust me, it’s not that simple and easy. However, there are a lot of ways for you to find out the things you want to focus on as you purchase a product. Goodluck!

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