DXRacer Gaming Desk (In-Depth Review & Buying Guide 2021)

DXRacer Gaming Desk (Detailed Review of GD/1000/NW)

Hold up – I know what you’re here for. You’ve finally realized that your old wooden desk isn’t doing you any favors for your set up.

DXRacer, the revolutionary brand which is taking over the world, has given gaming extremists a chance to upgrade your prehistoric desk and turn it into an advanced, ergonomic gaming desk.

dxracer gaming desk review


  • Cable management of up to 13 wires
  • Plenty of real estate for your gaming accessories
  • Good partner for your DXRacer Chair

The desk also comes in the following colors. Click the images for more details.

red desk


green version



Pure Black

DXRacer GD/1000/NW: Quick Summary

Since I’m into the whole black and white color scheme, I say it looks pretty darn good. Taking a turn to the professional side of things, it kind of gives off an “executive” vibe.

Its clean atmosphere definitely adds to the overall build. You just have to love the desk’s white rim and black surface. They say first impression lasts, and at a glance, it surely got my attention.

But if I’m going to be honest here, what called my attention first was the brand – the king, DXRacer – but you can say that its aesthetics got me excited.


Weight and Assembly

The desk is looking good at 80 pounds. So yeah, it’s a bit heavy, but I’m not complaining. If there’s anything I can comment on, it’s that the weight makes it feel solid.

However, there are some things which I’ve noticed from the assembly process. Sure, the assembly instructions are easy to comprehend – a youngster could understand it. It’s the execution where it gets tricky.

You have to make sure that both sides are being balanced appropriately. 

desk back closeup

The only way where you can cram the side pesky is by cramming with the use of force.

Most of the time, I was worried that it might break since these pieces were only made out of plastic. But it turned out for the better, it’s actually durable and strong.

Oh, and there’s another thing I’ve noticed during the assembly. The surface might mark easily if you have greasy fingers. But it’s not a major concern and can be fixed right away.

Wire Management

Gamer or not, wires can get in the away. Not to mention they’re really annoying (I can’t count how many times I almost tripped.)

In some special situations, where I think the gods have sent their wrath upon my sould, the wires get damaged. Making my wallet lighter isn’t what I originally planned.

desk profile view

The desk can handle 13 wires simultaneously.

Modern desks on the market have tried and failed miserably in their wire management system. Most of the time, the wires seem a bit off.

It was really surprising to find a desk that’s able to take things seriously with cable management. Not that it’s much of a shocker – considering the fact that it’s from DXRacer.

The number of holes on DXRacer Gaming Desk is more than enough to serve up my needs. As always, listening to my jam is daily regimen. Luckily, this gem allowed me to place my speakers under the desk.

I’m quite relieved that the circular holes let the cable go below the desk. From what I’ve previously encountered, it always goes above it.

All in all, DXRacer Gaming Desk is capable of handling up to thirteen different cables. The important gear like my mouse, Monitors, Keyboards, and Speakers are included, of course.

Lastly, I just want to give you a head’s up that it offers enough space for identical wires without having to compensate anything. Honestly, it’s a good deal, especially for the systematized peeps.

Considering The Space

One of the most important factors of a desk – its space. Come on, guys. Would I seriously consider buying something which falls short? Not in the slightest.

desk real estate

The GD/1000/NW has some decent real estate

If you’re going to walk into my room, my gaming set up is sleek. This baby lets me place two of my 24” displays while still reserving a generous amount of space.

My side speakers are being nicely put along with my mouse and keyboard. While I wouldn’t say that it’s absolutely the greatest, but it has surely served its purpose in my book.

Ergonomic Advantages

I don’t see the point of buying a desk which would help in speeding up your body age as I don’t have plans on developing postural problems any time soon.

Knowing that the desk has been through quality examinations before being sold sounds reassuring. This particular desk is geared towards comfort and durability.

For the most part, the desk itself goes hand in hand with DXRacer’s line of ergonomic gaming chairs. For a better experience, go ahead and look at DXRacer’s chairs!

The company’s gaming chairs have been synchronized with the desk in the area of height and adjustment.

Also, I want to talk about how cool this desk is for keep my wrist and carpal area in check. Props to its end faces. It offers a slanted elbow/wrist rest for when you’re in a long gaming marathon.

In fact, there’s no need for me to bring up my trusted wrist donut out. My wrist has been taken care of perfectly. This has definitely saved me from my terrible experiences with my older desks from before.

Is It Worth The Money?

As a quick recap, here are the desk's pros and cons:


  • Cool, great-looking concept
  • Cable management of up to 13 wires
  • Plenty of real estate for your gaming accessories.
  • check-square-o
    Good partner with your DXRacer chair.


  • Assembly can be quite challenging
  • Some complaints that the edge of the desk is not too ergonomic

We all know that it is. It would be a huge blow on my part if it wasn’t. While there are other brands in the market, DXRacer has always been at the top of its league due to its publicity and high-quality products.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had “terrible experiences.” Okay, I know this might sound silly, but my floor has suffered way too much. It has endured battle scars over the previous years.

I won’t mention the desk I was using, but it had circular legs which drilled right into my floor. Now, I have to do some minor fixing.

Luckily, DXRacer’s Desk has wide and stable legs. To my greatest surprise, there’s not a single scratch on my floor even having the desk for quite some time.

So is it worth the money? IT’S A BIG, FAT YES FROM ME! (Or at least that’s how Simon Cowell would say it.)

Its features, cable management, aesthetics, and the process altogether is sweet. There’s definitely not a hint of regret here. Final Impression: Super Cool!

GD/1000/NW Review
  • 7.9/10
    Overall - 7.9/10


While this desk does not have all the bells and whistles of other models, it’s a smexy-looking table that would fit any gaming room design.

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