Corner Desks vs. Rectangle Desks (And Their Pros & Cons)

Corner Desks vs. Rectangle Desks (And Their Pros & Cons)

This article was last updated on February 1, 2021

If man is said to be involved in an evolution process, then surely evolution also takes place in things like desk, right? Albeit, a bit different and in a non-living kind of way.

From the traditional rectangle desk to other various desk shapes, some people are now faced with the dilemma of having to identify the right desk shape for them. 

So today, I will be examining closely the benefits and drawbacks of a corner desk and rectangle desk. 

Corner Desk

The use of corner desk are very popular today. It doesn’t just look stylish and elegant, but it also offers you extra work and storage area that maximizes your corner space and is known to be one of the cheapest shapes of desk. 

walker edison soreno black

Having said that, no matter how trendy (or cheap) it is, you need to first assess how it will affect your work, in a good and bad way. 

What are its pros?

It is versatile and saves you space

A corner desk can be placed in any corner of your room or office. It is a flexible furniture piece that is likely to fit any room layouts no matter how complicated it is. 


Although some corner desks are designed to be small, this is nothing to sneeze at because this certain quality makes up for the spacious shelf most corner desks have.

Moreover, you could also have some spare room if you place your monitor with its back facing the corner.

In this way, you could make use of the corner space as effectively as possible and at the same time expand your work area. 

It maximizes the corner area

Have you noticed that some corners in our home or office tend to go unused? Or maybe you’ve resorted to placing a plant in the corner or just about anything just to fill in the spaces and for it not to feel awkwardly empty?

This is when a corner desk comes into play because through the use of such desk, you are now free to fully utilize your unoccupied space and gives you more room for other stuffs. 

Not to mention it will save you from having to put unnecessary things merely for the sake of filling in the empty spaces. 

It provides easy access to your things

Since a corner desk provides you a wraparound space, this will enable you to have ease of access to your papers, printer, computer and other things without moving around too much (and of course, with the help of a swivel chair). 

corner desk easy access

In this sense, you could now multitask in a much easier way. This is a great advantage for workers who have numerable paper works and tasks.

While rectangle desk also offers space, it will also take more effort for you to gain access to your things whereas the corner desk involves lesser work.

How about its cons?

It limits your visibility

Obviously, corner desks are naturally placed in corners so think about this. If you’re sitting in front of your corner desk, you will end up facing the corner wall and most likely with your back on the door.

This particular obstruction of one’s view can be a deal breaker for some which is why corner desks are not recommended for people who have high position in a company especially for someone who’s in constant with people coming in his/her office. 

I mean, who would want to look at a corner? Unless of course, there’s something interesting going on there (which I highly doubt is the case). 

It restricts your privacy

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a computer monitor that is placed in the corner are of the desk, with your back to the door or to anyone who might come in. This will result to having little screen privacy.

If you’re working on something extremely important and highly confidential, using a corner desk is so far out of your options. Nu uh. No way could you use it. 

You’d have to immediately move to other shapes! And this my friends, can be a great pain in the bum for people who value their privacy like it’s their life.

Rectangle desk

Rectangle desk or also known as straight desk is the first desk shape ever popularized and perhaps the most common desk we have today. You’d be facing almost no complications with this desk. 

rectangle desk

Nevertheless, same case as the corner desk and any other desk shapes, it is still essential for you to know its benefits and drawbacks in order to choose the best desk that will satiate you. 

What are its pros?

It is an all-around desk

Rectangle desk can be placed along any walls or even in the center and still look good no matter its placement. It blends in well to any room layouts with its uncomplicated shape. 

all around desk

Unlike other desks, straight desks offers convenience any person would want a desk to have which in turn will save you from the hassle of worrying where you will place it

In addition, it also offers ergonomic benefits since you won’t need to sit at an angle or be in a twisted position as opposed to a corner desk. Just plain sitting and moving sideways!

It can function as other furniture

If you have a rectangle desk in your home and you’re thinking of disposing it and buying a new one, think again because your old table can still be of use but for different purpose this time.

Outside its traditional use, a working or gaming desk, it can also be used as a different furniture piece like dining table.

If not, you can have it as a decorative table in your living room with a flower vase in the middle. Other alternative uses can be as a media console for your television set, an entryway organizer, a console table behind your sofa, as a vanity piece, and many other more.

It has wide and continuous work area

If you’re the kind of person who’s looking for a continuous work or gaming table that lets you occupy all the desk space available (almost no dead spaces), then the rectangle may be it for you. 

rectangle desk

You can also piece it together with another rectangle desk (preferably same model) to create more space for your work. This is ideal for offices that promote side-by-side collaboration work for their employees. 

How about its cons?

It has very limited placement 

Rectangle desks are placed against the wall most of the times if not all. Although you can put it in the middle, very few do this since a center room desk is the most appropriate for this placement.

Moreover, in order to increase durability, it must be anchored to the wall and by doing this, it’ll always remain in the same place.

It faces the wall

Of course, rectangle desks face the wall especially if you put it against it. Can this disturb one’s work and lessens productivity? For some, yes, others no.

Depending on the layout of your room, you can simply place it against a window if you want. That way to you can be on a lookout or what and see what’s happening outside from time to time. You won’t easily get bored either!

Or I don’t know, you could probably place a painting there and replace it with another if you get bored.

Lame, right? 

Kidding aside, if you’re really stuck on facing a wall, well, I guess you just have to endure it until you found a solution. But good for those who are not bothered by it.

Final say on this “desk battle”

So, my dear friends, who do you think came out as a winner today? Coz honestly? I’m having a hard time choosing my champ. It’s a tough choice to make.

Rectangle desk, being the most common, this desk certainly never runs out of style and is most definitely not out of the competition.

If you’re into simple desk and couldn’t care less about its shape as long as it gives you a wide work/game space and plenty of room for your things, then a rectangle desk might be a good choice for you. 

Corner desk, on the other hand, always has its own way of being trendy and attractive. Its unique shape and contemporary look draw attention which explains why its popularity.

Not that I’m surprised because this desk could be almost anyone’s style. And if you’re already considering of buying one, I definitely won’t be the one to stop you.

As I’ve said before, before settling for one desk, it is very, very important to make sure that you’ve given yourself enough time and some careful thinking in examining the pros and cons of each desk. 

And lastly, the desk you choose should be functional and convenient for whatever work or game you will be doing. Not just something that looks straight out of a lifestyle magazine but something a mix of both if possible. 

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