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Gaming Ergonomics: Achieve The Perfect PC Gaming Posture

If you’re going to tell me when I was younger that kids about my age will soon rule the planet with their crazy APM capabilities – I don’t know how Starcraft II stars are able to do 300 actions per minute – I would have probably played Pac-Man seriously. But apparently, that’s not humanly possible unless […]

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20 Richest League of Legends Pro-Gamers

Over the years, eSports have become such a lucrative activity. Massive Online Battle Arenas or MOBAs for short are goldmines for big prize pools. For this article, lets take a look at League of Legends’ 20 richest pro-gamers.For more gaming info, check out our gaming accessory guides.​

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5 Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a PC Gaming Chair

This article was last updated on It’s always more than a chair, if you’re a dedicated gamer. Specialized and structured gaming chairs are basically your life support, since your game plan is affected by your overall comfort. Not everyone has a good eye for these things, so we made you a list of the top […]

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20 Best Gaming Setup Ideas That Will Surprise You

Setting up your dream man cave is not as easy as what most people think. If you’re just beginner or if you’ve suddenly found yourself wanting to do your gaming room all over again, then take some time to read my article on tips and ideas for creating an ideal gaming lair.1. Gaming room sizeThe […]

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How Many Case Fans Should My Gaming PC Have to Stay Cool?

A quality cooling system is essential to any gaming PC. Most CPUs come with its own, but it is sometimes not enough to keep up with system’s growing demands. As you know, playing video games require a lot of work from your computer, specifically the processor, motherboard, and graphics card. If not equipped with a […]

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How To Stop Whining and Start Winning Games Like a Pro

I REALLY HATE LOSING. Yes, I do have a very competitive spirit, but in my opinion, why else would you be playing a game if winning was not your primary objective? While I understand that the process is important or playing itself teaches you important lessons (blah blah blah), nothing beats the feeling of besting […]

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How Much Does Building a Good Gaming PC Cost?

Being a hardcore gaming aficionado does not come cheap. It entails tons of hours on the computer perfecting your craft, massive tournament fees, and yes, the highest level of gaming equipment possible. For most gamers, the journey starts off with a quality computer.  Choosing what model to buy is a seemingly impossible task since there […]

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Workstation vs. Gaming PC: How Much Better Is A Gaming PC Than A Regular PC?

This article was last updated on Different computers provide us with different kinds of functions. It all really depends on what you need. So if you’re passionate about gaming, or you desire to be, it’s only natural that you buy a gaming PC, right?Hmmm… Maybe not. Things aren’t quite as simple as that. Gaming PCs […]

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Increase Your Rank: The Top 10 “Must-Dos” To Get Out of Elo Hell ASAP!

This article was last updated on Elo Hell is not the kind of situation you want to be in. It is widely known in League as a skilled players’ inability to rank up because they are grouped with bad teammates.This method of classification is based on a concept coined by Adap Elo, an American-Hungarian professor […]

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