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Workstation vs. Gaming PC: How Much Better Is A Gaming PC Than A Regular PC?

This article was last updated on Different computers provide us with different kinds of functions. It all really depends on what you need. So if you’re passionate about gaming, or you desire to be, it’s only natural that you buy a gaming PC, right?Hmmm… Maybe not. Things aren’t quite as simple as that. Gaming PCs […]

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Increase Your Rank: The Top 10 “Must-Dos” To Get Out of Elo Hell ASAP!

This article was last updated on Elo Hell is not the kind of situation you want to be in. It is widely known in League as a skilled players’ inability to rank up because they are grouped with bad teammates.This method of classification is based on a concept coined by Adap Elo, an American-Hungarian professor […]

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