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5 Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a PC Gaming Chair

This article was last updated on It’s always more than a chair, if you’re a dedicated gamer. Specialized and structured gaming chairs are basically your life support, since your game plan is affected by your overall comfort. Not everyone has a good eye for these things, so we made you a list of the top […]

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20 Richest League of Legends Pro-Gamers

Over the years, eSports have become such a lucrative activity. Massive Online Battle Arenas or MOBAs for short are goldmines for big prize pools. For this article, lets take a look at League of Legends’ 20 richest pro-gamers.For more gaming info, check out our gaming accessory guides.​

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Gaming Ergonomics: Achieve The Perfect PC Gaming Posture

If you’re going to tell me when I was younger that kids about my age will soon rule the planet with their crazy APM capabilities – I don’t know how Starcraft II stars are able to do 300 actions per minute – I would have probably played Pac-Man seriously. But apparently, that’s not humanly possible unless […]

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