BestOffice Gaming Chair Review (Mid-Back Mesh Model)

BestOffice Gaming Chair Review: Mid-Back Mesh Computer Desk Seat

While debating whether to eat fries or hamburger after my work I felt uncomfortable as I sat in my best computer chair (it’s technically a pain in the ass) I badly need a fairy godmother to relieve this pain.

With a flick of her magic wand, I found myself searching for the best mid-back mesh computer desk chair in the history. I want to share this with you and here’s what I found out!

BestOffice Gaming Chair Review: Mid-Back Mesh Computer Desk Seat 1BestOffice Gaming Chair Review: Mid-Back Mesh Computer Desk Seat 3

What’s with BestOffice?

Hey, I’m not saying that this is the perfect product for you but I just want to give this a try. I know for a fact that there are a lot of big names in the industry. But I’m not closing my doors for me to explore this product.

Other than that they also rank #46 in Amazon’s Home and Kitchen Category. Not that bad since there are hundreds of home office desk chair in the market.

bestoffice mid-back mesh computer desk chair

Now, let’s talk about their product. BestOffice has spring tilt control mechanism that makes it an epitome of classic ergonomic mechanism.

According to my research it has high-back mesh swivel chair, 25-inch width by 25-inch depth by 47-50inch height. This is perfectly perfect for short or tall people.

Another feature that BestOffice provide is the open air mesh back function and mesh upholstered seat.

The New Trend

Of course everyone wants to hit the top chart millennials like me want to be updated and follow the new trend, but what’s the trend for an office chair?

Mesh office chair are taking the spotlight in the furniture industry and making its way in influencing the world. Broad as it is but that’s a fact!

People do like the idea of a chair that allows proper air circulation with extremely attractive design.

If you are a gamer or writer that spends the whole day facing your computers I would highly advice you to search for the perfect computer desk chair that suits your need and style. Maybe BestOffice is perfect for you.

These styles of chair are unique and appear to be different than the traditional one. Mesh chair are upholstered in leather or fabric and its breathability makes it an exceptional chair in the market.

BestOffice is clearly passionate in giving us the comfort and best experience that we deserved. I admired how the company was able to manufacture this type of office chair.

Benefits of owning a BestOffice Mid-Back Mesh Computer Desk Chair

Imagine yourself sitting at your desk for several hours with a very hot weather. And as you get up your back is extremely sweating and your clothes sticks to the office chair. Yuck! That’s too disturbing. But how can this be?

As I took a lot of time doing my research and comparing traditional and mesh style office chair. I was astonished and what I discovered left me speechless. You know what? There’s a solution on how we can prevent such circumstances that we experience almost every day.

This kind of chair is well circulated. The new form of upholstery allows the air to circulate around our body’s specifically the back part.

Amazing how science is applied in our furniture nowadays. This new trend escalated quickly that almost all of the big boys in furniture industry come up with their own and unique version of mesh upholstery.

Loving its features? I’m still half of my journey in sharing this new trend in the industry.

Along with ventilation and breathability, BestOffice mesh computer desk chair also provides long lasting freshness. Mesh chair has a perforated surface that allows air to pass through that prevents odor to cling in the chair.

I don’t know the company makes it possible but I love it! Although this chair is made of fabric (which can rip or tear easily) BestOffice makes certain that the fabric is tightly woven.

Regarding of the style of this chair, those who likes modern with minimalist design like me, I prefer this chair than the other brands. Trust me dude, the design could affect the ambience of the room.

And for those who are looking for durability like most parents, mesh chairs are known to be durable and reliable. They’re made with quality-wise materials and manufactured using the best equipment that the company has.

Could a Mesh Computer Desk Chair a bad choice?

Yes! Of course, we all have different comfortability level and choice of style. Mesh might not be your choice. There are people who might find this change very difficult.

My grandma once told me that she likes chair with a lot of padding, since it helps her relax more as she sits on an office chair. Well, mesh will certainly be an uncomfortable product for her.

Oh, that also applies to me. Lighter framed people like me have less flesh to cushion that makes us difficult to sit on a mesh chair and needs ample time to get used to it.

But for me, I would still consider buying this product to really experience first-hand the capacity and durability of this product consider the fact that it is a mesh chair that provides comfort and soothing experience.

There’s nothing harm in trying, but there are still factors to consider in choosing the perfect computer desk chair for you.

Factors to Consider

Hey fella! I just want to remind you that chairs are long term investment. These are one of the factors that give us comfort and convenience as we work in our day to day environment. And there are hundreds of factor to consider, but no worries I’m making it simple and concise.


​Lumbar and body support

Of course who would love to buy a chair that adds pain and stress in your day? That’s a big NO.

There are a lot of big boys like BestOffice that offers chairs and manufactures lumbar support materials to eliminate strain in our back and stress while we do our job.

Upholstery and materials

There are a lot of materials with variety of colors in upholstering a chair. Leather is the common material for those expensive office chairs in the market.

But, if you’re a cheapskate like me, there are other materials that look like leather but they are more affordable to buy.

Believe me it won’t make much of a different if you look at it! Been there bro, trust me.

Adjustments/ Flexibility

A chair that offers more controls and adjustments are assume to be expensive. They are expensive my friend. But, if that’s what makes you comfortable then go for it!

There are varieties of chair that provides controls on the arm positions, tilt, height and depth. That makes them expensive since you can adjust almost everything just to give you satisfaction and comfort that your body needs. How cool is that?​


Honestly speaking I would love to invest in a product that provides the functions that I dreamed of considering the style, size, durability and reliability of the product.

Style - If you like to maintain the style and ambience in your house or office, then the style of your office chair must compliment the total look. I believe you’re already thinking right now what style would best suit your office décor. You’re on the right path fella.

Size - I have height and weight issues at myself, and honestly determining the right size of an office chair is too hard for me.That’s why I researched and I’m writing this to share what I found.

Do not worry if you are taller or heavier than your siblings in your home.There are office chair that are designed for this kind of body frame these kind of chairs has higher adjustments and wide sitting area to give you the satisfaction.

Here’s more BestOffice and other big boys in the furniture industry offer this kind of chairs to make your life simply amazing.

Durability and Reliability​ - In looking for an office chair, you should settle in your mind first the purpose of buying it. Are these chairs for conference room environment, gaming place or for office work?

Look for an office chair with commercial grade materials and components to ensure additionally reliability and durability.

Seats​ - Seats give the first impact to test its comfortability. Padding and cushioning provides relaxation and alleviate pressure as we seat and do our work.

Types and Forms

There are varieties of office chairs with different style and forms. There are 3 types of an office chair that you should know.

  • Swivel office chair - These types of chairs allow us to move freely since it rotates 360 degrees with wheels.
  • Ergonomic office chair- These chairs are known to be “customer friendly” since this is designed to support our body. These have adjustable controls for arms, back, and seat.
  • Executive office chair - These types of chairs provides more design and materials. They are more expensive with unique adjustable and thick padding.

Choosing the best type of mesh computer desk chair are not as simple as you think. You need to consider the style, support and comfort to determine which type will best suit you. Remember that choosing the best office chair can change your mood in a long work day.

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