Best SSDs for Gaming in 2021 (Play Like a Pro. Lag Free.)

Best SSD for Gaming (Fast Loading of Games, No Lags)

For every budget gamer in the world, this is truly a perfect time to be born in. This is no longer the era where a solid state drive are only for the elite. The best SSD for gaming is affordable that has the right amount of speed and a fantastic interface. We’ve done the research for you – check them out!

Best SSD For Gaming

Interestingly enough, the four models have similar features. Of course, when you’re talking about read and write speeds. Let’s talk about its predecessors, shall we? Samsung’s 540MB/s and 520MB/s are of the same level.

When the people at Samsung decided to upgrade their game, the 120GB model provides better experience naturally. When compared to the previous two, it has the capacity of boosting up 27% more. With that being said, it has greater write speed.​

Samsung - 850 EVO 500GB Internal Serial

Regardless of what particular model you fancy, Samsung has installed 128Gbit 40nm TLC V-NAND flash memory on each one of them.

To be precise, if you’re sporting 120GB, you’ll be rocking with one of them. As for the 250GB model, it has multiplied by two.

Now, you see where this is going – as expected, the 500GB model has TWICE the number. But then again, if you want something, you can always go big with the 1TB variant, which doubles the number.

Let’s dig in to watch features it has to offer. This baby has TurboWrite in its system. In the product, this is its caching features that it sports. Generally, it has the role of helping out the Evo’s TLC memory.

This lets you experience an MLC-like performance. To our surprise, using only a small portion per TLC NAND die goes a long way. This works as an SLC write buffer.

If somehow the 500GB variant doesn’t sound appealing to you – because of the price tag – I would highly encourage you to get either 120GB or 250GB as these have proven to worth the money.

The two models which I have mentioned above has a 3GB TurboWrite buffer. It has the capacity of increasing by 3 gigabyte each. It basically means you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck experience. In connection, the 1TB variant has an impressive 12GB buffer.

Moving on, the three models (120GB, 250GB and 500GB) carries a dual-core processor as what the MGX carries. But it’s a different case for the 1TB variant –as expected – as it carries a triple-core Cortex R4 processor.

This is quite similar to SSD 840 Pro's MDX with an exception of the three cores. In this case, it has been changed from 300MHz to 400MHz. We’ve come into conclusion that the smaller drives sports a simpler MGX to cut the cost and save money.

Samsung’s Evo series has a special feature that makes it outclass the rest of the other product. For one, it has the capacity of letting you have an access up to a whopping 4GB of system memory. It has been made possible thru its RAPID DRAM caching feature.

This changes the game as it evidently improves and read performance. It works to store the frequently accessed data that’s found in the main memory.

Another thing that I have found interesting is that Samsung didn’t say anything about its maximum terabytes that can be written. But they did make a smart move and make the series come with a five-year warranty.


  • TLC V-NAND flash memory
  • Faster and Better Performance
  • Backed up by a five-year warranty
  • check-square-o
    Up to 4GB System Memory


  • It has a lesser endurance rating

Not too long ago – like, a couple of products before this one – we have talked about Samsung’s 850 EVO. Well, let’s change the chapter, and let’s see how Samsung’s 850 PRO sits.

The reason why gamers would tend to go after SSDs is because it gives you an uplift when it comes to load times. This is especially needed for when you’re trying to take on the bigger gaming titles.

Samsung 850 PRO - 256GB - 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD

Of course, old games are of a different case. They don’t really have much of a high impact as it only needs little data requirement. As for the games I’ve encountered, the one with the biggest change would be Star Citizen.

As you know, it’s still at an incredible alpha mode. So yeah, there’s absolutely nothing about it that’s optimized. At the same time, it carries an outrageous load time. Well, at least it used to be. When I decided to give it a go with 850 PRO, the results were amazing.

Before installing this baby, it took about almost two minutes for it load – now it only takes a couple of seconds to get it going.

There also other games which I can pinpoint where its performance have greatly improved. For example, I have greatly enjoyed Planetside 2, Mad Max, Homeworld, and the rest of the works. The loading times have been spectacular.

Since we all love GTA San Andreas, you’ll love how fast you can move area from one place to another. And the building structures can be easily loaded as well together with the pedestrians. When it comes to the changes of gaming performance, it’s hitting the right notes.

Going into the topic of system and software. If you’ve noticed, the startup time for windows are quite slow. This outclasses the traditional hard drives, which takes forever to load. On average, it takes around 1minute to load without an SSD.

Again, from my experience, it was able to change the game from a minute down to a fast 22 second load time. The icons and web browser are immediately shows up when desktop is shown. If you have documents to work on, then you’ll low the speedy progress on the MS Office programs.

To make sure that it really is what it claims to be, I decided to try it out on WinRar. As for my own experiment, it was about 10GB of music. Guess what? It only took about less than a minute to compress everything.

My old hard drive would need at around half an hour – or more – just to pack them together. But it does have its own fallbacks, I wouldn’t recommend this for the movie lovers out there. While the transfer speeds have improved, it doesn’t make it sound or play any different.

What it does is it places wear and tear on the drive, which isn’t advisable. It’d be best of you use the traditional hard drive for tasks such as those.

Getting this one is pretty neat – the construction is solid and it feels great. And its light as it can be. The product being compact is one of the greatest advantages, you’re free to fit it in anywhere you want.

Just for your additional information, the power connectors have been made durable. Overall, I’d say that it’s worth the money.


  • Compact build made to fit
  • Compatible with all Corsair SSDs
  • Adjustable mounting holes
  • check-square-o
    Great quality build for longevity


  • Wouldn’t recommend for movies

Let’s continue the amazing line up with another one of Samsung’s creation. This time, we’ll be tackling 850 EVO 1TB 2.5-Inch SATA III. This has been made ready for optimized performance and for you every day hustle.

As what you might have already guessed, this has been made possible through the reliable Samsung V-NAND Technology. There’s nothing left out when it comes to Samsung.

Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E1T0B/AM)

Just like with others on the list, this comes in with an amazing sequential read/write performance. If you want the numbers down, it’s at the average of 540MB/s and 520MB/s. In addition, the numbers for its random read performance is at 98K and 90K respectively.

There are a lot of things to describe this gem right here. When it comes to endurance and reliability it has it down. In addition, you’ll also be enjoying a 5-Year Limited Warranty. It only goes to show how the makers are sure of their product.

Upon opening the package, you’ll be able to find the manuals and all of the needed things to make it a sweet deal. However, it doesn’t have the cables and screws as part of the deal.

You can also get a free download of Samsung Data Migration as well. In addition, it has a magician software so that you’ll be able to install it easily. It also helps with SSD management to boot.

One can say that you’re transforming your PC into something else. It gives you a hand as it comes in with Samsung V-NAND technology. Like I said, you’re only getting the best out of Samsung. In addition, there’s a dynamic thermal guard protection.

It has role of keeping guard of your data even during the hardest times. In other words, when there are heavy workloads that you’re dealing with. Due to the size of the product, it has been titled as one of the most fitting for PCs and laptops.

Also, you’re given an out of this world read and write speeds. You can count on the TurboWrite technology to give you a hand when you need it the most. As expected, it performs beyond what’s average. It has the capability of taking on high-intensity tasks as well.

With that being said, video editing and even data analysis are part of what I can do. Of course, we can’t just ignore the fact that it’s a monster of keeping you up with the latest titles in the gaming industry.

Going back to the technology it uses, NAND (V-NAND) technology, it has been built so that it can stack cell layers on top of the other. Now, it isn’t just for show. But it carries a role in keeping your density at desirable levels.

The performance has been enhanced as well, and it’s able to create a smaller footprint to boot. If you’re going to compare it with what’s being used around the market, this thing is entirely different.

Overall, I’d say that if you LOVE Samsung, and you want to give another go for its products, then this is something that you need to have.


  • Optimized Performance
  • Powered by Samsung V-NAND Technology
  • IOPS Performance
  • check-square-o
    5-Year Limited Warranty


  • It doesn’t involve cables

Now, let’s welcome a representative from SanDisk. Just in case you haven’t been informed yet, this is a brand which has been trusted and used by the pros. If you have the plan on taking over the world thru your awesome gaming skills, then you’re going to need to have a go with one of the company’s popular product.

This uses a special kind of technology to make it work perfectly. This happens to use the great nCache 2.0 technology.


This gives your read speeds a boost due to its features. At the same time, it comes in with great write speeds. This follows up to a 525MB/s.

Unlike the ancient SSD you have used in the past, this doesn’t need to have a boot-up. It carries a shorter application load times. At the same time, you’ll be experiencing a quicker data transfer. If you’re going to ask me, this is one of the best things that has happened to the era of gaming.

Also, there’s more to get awed by. It comes in with a cooler and quieting computing experience. In addition, you’ll love the fact that it has been tested by the company to make it a proven shock vibration resistance. Basically, your drive is being secured so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

I find 545MB/s (2) sequential read speeds to be convenient. It definitely gives a different feel to the overall experience. Getting tired with your old hard drive that lets you wait FOREVER until you finish a task? Then gives you an edge.

Don’t forget, it has the ability to write everything so that you can get the best out of it every day. It inputs it into the high-speed buffer before anything else. You’ll definitely admire the architecture as it lets you have a go with greater burst speeds.

Let me go into deeper about its durable solid state design. If you’re a clumsy person like me, then you might have experienced dropping your PC…for some unknown reason. However, this is able to endure the abuse. Resisting shock and vibrations are only two of the many things that it can do.

We all want to check up on how our drive is doing, that’s why you’re going to like the fact that it gives you transparency on a daily basis. It carries a real-time feature that informs you how it is doing. Yes, it even gas the cloning software as well.

This gives you the power to set up your drive as quick as possible. In addition, analysis has never been this easier as well. And for the firmware updates, too. This has it all for you.

Do you hate when you have to keep on charging your laptop batter because it dies often? Well, thankfully, this baby is far from that.

It carries a quiet and efficient experience so that you can get it done with only one charge. Overall, it’s a trusted brand where you can rely on. You won’t regret getting this one on for show.


  • Better multitasking and workload management
  • Limited 3-year warranty (US)
  • Enhanced Speed Technology
  • check-square-o
    Durable Solid State Design


  • None as of the moment

You know how crucial it is to get “Crucial” – okay, that was a lame joke. But I wasn’t kidding about how this can make the performance better. As a matter of fact, they have claimed that this is an instant performance that’s able to last.

It has the fundamentals in the bag – speed, durability, and efficiency. You don’t have to spend money to get a new drive after a couple of months of using (my experiences with them aren’t as pretty as you think they are.)

Crucial MX300 1TB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT1050MX300SSD1

This gives you an edge as you’ll be able to save money in the long run. All you have to do is boot up in seconds and everything will follow through. It doesn’t matter how demanding the application is, there’s a huge chance that it’s going to turn out to be in your favor. This uses the awesome 3D NAND flash technology that lets you meet your expectation.

It has already been tested by the company’s MX-series SSDs, so you don’t have to worry about any malfunctions. As what the experts would say, it has been proven and tested.

You need to remember that this isn’t just a container, but you’re investing in something so much more than what you think. It comes in with an engine that’s able to load and save whatever you’re doing and using. If you want to break the chains from being average while keeping a low-budget, you might just have found your guy.

Now, let’s talk about its micron quality. Well, it’s on a whole new level when it comes to reliability. As you can see, it’s known to be one of the largest flash storage companies worldwide – yeah, it’s just THAT fancy.

It carries the most advanced and innovative gadgets in history. In the field of memory and storage, this has your back. As a matter of fact, it boasts quite a track record as it has already over a thousand of hours of prerelease testing.

It has to go through A LOT of qualifications tests, and I’m not only talking about a couple of times. I’m talking about HUNDREDS. So yeah, maybe they are planning to take over the world. The moment you get your very one Crucial MX300, you can use it in confidence knowing that it has already been proven and tested.

There’s an evident quality difference when being compared to the others on the list. Now, talking more about the product. This has the capacity to go up to 530 MB/s and write speeds up to 510 MB/s. Long story short, it’s pretty awesome.

This is applicable to all types of files. Basically, you’re getting a boost no matter what you’re doing. You’ll also like the fact that it greatly reduces the load times. At the same time, even the most demanding applications are tamed due to its technology.

Not only that, but it carries the Dynamic Write Acceleration technology. In other words, it carries an awesome system which is adaptable. It’s basically a pool of high-speed, flash memory.

You can count on it to help you get you the best of blistering speeds throughout the time of use. There’s absolutely no regrets when taking the speed into play.

We did a bit of experimentation, we decided to see on how it REALLY fairs up to that of a usual hard drive. Now, this might blow your mind away, but this has been proven that’s 90 times better than what it usually offers.

To precise, it carries the Extreme Energy Efficiency technology. Meaning, it only utilizes 0.075W of power. You’re going your laptop a favor as it does not use the usual 6.8W. Yes, you’re actually saving cash.

There are a lot of people who have become victims to advertisements by companies, and most of them aren’t even durable. If you’re tired of getting the same thing over and over again, this is where you end the streak.

Going into the endurance rating, this goes up to a massive number. It has the capacity of writing at 220TB total bytes. This has been made with the ever awesome Micron 3D NAND. This ensures that it’ll take more than just a couple of months of abusive use to break this thing.

It has the role of leveraging larger NAND cells. At the end of it all, it has the power to enhance performance and endurance – you’re basically hitting two birds with one stone.

Your data has been protected with nothing but the best of technology. It comes in with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, and even RAIN technology. There’s more where though – it simply just has the IT factor when it comes to gaming and performance.

If there’s anything that damages card, it’s due to overheating. I find it really reassuring knowing that it comes in with their latest creation. It has an Adaptive Thermal Protection technology, which adjusts to the right amount of component activity.

Your system is being kept cool at all times, so you don’t have to worry about your SSD overheating ever again. You’ll be preserving your card, making it last longer than average.

To finally close it in, it lets you enjoy a boost drive performance. This goes up by a whopping number of ten times more than what’s normal. You can give the credits to Crucial Storage Executive.

If you’re wondering what it is, this tool is quite handy as it’s downloadable. This lets you keep in tract with your performance. In other words, this lets you update to the latest firmware every time a new one has been released. It also lets you use the Momentum Cache feature.

Overall, I’d say the makers have thought it well before making it available to the market. This is definitely a reliable card to get.


  • Instantly improve system performance
  • Over 90x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive
  • Drive is known to last
  • check-square-o
    Keep your system cool


  • None as of the moment

ADATA Premier is on the second to the last on our list. The reason why it has made it to our top picks is because it carries quite a unique feature. In addition to that, it has the awesome Advanced 3D NAND.

Just like with the other cards which boasts this feature, this has the purpose of upgrading the efficiency and endurance. Now, this baby has been known to be a lot of things, but one of which that makes it stand out is that it follows a new generation of of 3D MLC NAND.

ADATA Premier SP550 960GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Solid State Drive (ASP550SS3-960GM-C)

This lets you have a better shot at performance, endurance, and gives you the advantage that when being compared to the previous generations. Putting its new technology into view, this gives you an assurance that it’s able to read and write faster.

It uses quite an intelligent technology to follow this through. As a matter of fact, the makers were kind enough to give it the SLC Caching and DRAM cache buffer.

This is another factor why it’s better than the previous models, its performance is normally at 560/525 MB per second. You don’t have to worry when you’re trying to access files that are fairly large.

At the same time, you’ll also be getting your hands on with LDPC ECC support. Of course, that’s not all. It seems the big guys wanted to give the guarantee of having the best of experience, that’s why it has all the necessary data protection technologies as well.

This model, to be exact, carries a higher TBW. This is meant for gamers who want to take things at a professional level. It has the key aspects down – reliability, efficiency, and endurance.

This gives you a worry-free ownership experience. You have the power to choose – it’s starting from the 256GB to 2TB. In addition, this lets you provide quite a generous amount of storage space where you can have the advantage at your side.

Are you tired of what the other brands offer? You know, the usual loud operation processes? Well, you don’t have to experience it coming from ADATA Premier. This works silently so it doesn’t distract you from what you’re doing.

At the same time, it has a shock-resistant protection where you can breathe easily when it comes to its durability. Also, you’ll also like the fact that it has an automatic on/off feature. If that’s not enough to satisfy you, then you’re being given a 5-year limited warranty so you don’t have to risk anything at all.

Digging deeper to what this baby can give, it has an intelligent SLC caching system that’ll make you love this thig even more. It follows a unique algorithm where it enables NAND Flash memory to operate.

Just like with the other products on the list, it works in a single-level cell mode to boost the overall performance level. Not to mention that the guys even wanted it to have the DRAM Cache Buffer as one of its support.

You’re getting two times more than what you originally bargained more. This has been proven that it doubles the performance level that drives that do not have a DRAM cache.

This doesn’t even deserve to be compared to HDDS – it outclasses them all. It’s a massive performance grain, if you ask me. This uses only the best of high-quality materials in the area of the latest technologies.

We consider it to be a HIGE factor. There are other advantages that you’ll be experiencing, such as the boot up and seek time have greatly improved. Generally, you’ll be getting a more efficient read/write at around 560/525 MB per second.

Since we’re all skeptics from time to time – admit it, we often act that way – the makers have decided to make us sleep better as it comes with an awesome 5-year limited warranty. You’re getting the same stress-free experience along with the other products on the list.

Like I said, they always want you to experience the best. So they have made everything in a manner wherein everything has already been planned. It uses an advanced LDPC ECC Engine.

For those who aren’t informed, LDPC stands for low density parity check. Now, this has the job of correcting error codes. This has been simply implemented on ADATA SU900.

Seriously, this is a big deal. It greatly reduces the data errors while it enhances in data integrity. If you have important games or files, this saves it from any corruption. Yeah, this is on a whole new different level than the usual non-ECC SSDs.

But wait, we’re not even finished with what this can do. This has the power to erase cycles longer than any product can. To put in the number, it can do three times longer than the average SSDs. The reason why this has been made possible is because they have used both native hard and soft decode.

With that information alone, we can safely say that we’ll be using this SSD for many years to come. And while we have longevity at our advantage, we also have the size factor down.

We absolutely love the fact that it has been built compact. It only stands at 7mm height, making it a perfect SSD for notebooks and desktops. And of course, it can be used for any game consoles easily.

Inside the package, there’s a 9. 5mm desktop bays. In addition, it even has a 2.5mm spacer and a 3.5-inch bracket. When it comes to mounting compatibility, this is PERFECT. Upgrading is not a problem at all.


  • Ideal for notebooks and desktops
  • High TBW for excellent durability
  • Intelligent SLC Caching and DRAM Cache Buffer
  • check-square-o
    Keep your system cool


  • None as of the moment

Do you want to work longer with an all-new technology that’s meant to create a new gaming experience? Well, we can trust Samsung to do the job for you – yeah, I get it. EVERYONE knows Samsung, and it’s about time you get to know about Samsung 850 PRO.

At 512GB, there are a lot of things you can do with it. But let’s not dive in right away to the technicalities, let’s appreciate the sleek design. As always, Samsung always makes sure to deliver.

Samsung 850 PRO - 512GB - 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-7KE512BW)

This promises you to make your work output more productive with no troubles along the way. In comparison to the other SSDs on the list, this comes in with the lowest power consumption – and you tell me that it isn’t awesome? Yeah, even when it’s being put into full use.

This keep everything cool as it uses less energy while it continues its class-leading performance. As expected, this is able to handle your gadgets pretty easily. This supports the device sleep mode as well. As a matter of fact, it only used 2mw of power – just how cool is that?

Taking into consideration that its DDR2 cache memory gives an awesome performance. And remember, it only eats up thirty percent less power when it’s in active mode. Correspondingly, when it’s idle is saves you up to 93% power. This isn’t just your ordinary DDR2 or DDR3 memory.

When you’re on the road, there are a lot of things that’s going in your mind. One of which is your data – the good news about it is that it secures it without compensating the performance.

It uses a Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) technology. Getting Samsung 850 PRO also means you’re getting the full disk encryption engine.


  • Industry-leading 3D VNAND SSD
  • Safeguard precious data
  • Work longer with high-efficiency innovation


  • It might be too expensive for some

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