Best Gaming Desks of 2021 (L-Shaped & Rectangle Tables)

Best Gaming Desk for Computers (Updated Edition)

Imagine having the best pizza in the world. A perfect crust, your favorite toppings, and a huge glass of your favorite beverage to boot.

Now imagine that you have to eat it on a rickety chair and a crumbling desk. Suddenly, the whole experience is ruined.

It’s pretty much the same for gaming. That’s why you need the best gaming desk.

Our 16 Best Gaming Desk Picks

No matter how awesome your setup and your games, if you have a crappy gaming desk, you won’t be able to enjoy your playing experience.

Remember that you’ll be sitting at this desk for hours, so you want to be able to find the most comfortable and ergonomic desk that fits your budget. The right table will allow you to feel comfortable so that you can completely immerse yourself in your game world.

Wait, Why Is Atlantic Gaming Desk Not On The List?!

Unlike other websites that include whatever desk is available, we actually have an opinion of our own.

Basically, I didn’t include the Atlantic here because it looks too cluttered and “noisy” for its own good. Sure, it has great perks like a cup holder and a monitor mount, but the overall design of the desk makes it hard to fit into a current setup. This boils down to personal preference as well since I like to be more minimalist with my design.

The Desk Pro version of the Atlantic looks a bit better since it changed the normal version’s legs into a better looking one, and the price difference isn’t too big either. Hopefully, additional design changes like a tray that doesn’t look like my mom’s dish rack will be made on 2018.

On a side note, click here to find the best 1440p gaming monitor to go with your new desk? 

Walker Edison 3-Piece Corner Desk – Our Best Gaming Desk Pick for 2018

As a gamer, you know you want desks that are massive spaciously on the surface, but take up as little floor space as possible.

Well, the good folks over at Walker Edison has heard your pleas, and came up with the 3-piece corner desk.

Sturdy, strong, and topped with tempered glass, this desk can handle the strain of even your most souped-up gaming PCs, but still weighs in at 62 lbs., making it easy to transport.

walker edison 3 piece corner desk

Its innovative design allows you to place this computer table in whichever corner of your room you deem worthy. Made from stainless steel and powder-coated for extra durability, this baby is scratch-resistant and dent-resistant, so if you want to rage after losing a game, feel free to do so.

The flexible design is another innovative feature, allowing you to place the keyboard tray on either side of the desk.

Walker Edison is quite popular due to its products’ innovative designs that give users a maximum of usable space with a minimum use of floor space.

This is why it’s best gaming desk pick.


  • Lightweight
  • CPU compartment at the bottom corner
  • Sturdy build
  • check-square-o
    Sliding keyboard drawer


  • No cable management features
  • times-circle
    No drawers for your accessories
  • times-circle
    Small keyboard tray; leaves little to no room for your mouse

THE BOTTOM LINE: While the appearance of the Walker Edision 3-piece Corner Desk is more suited for a modern-themed room, its strong materials, sturdy construction, and innovative design makes it our top pick this 2018!

It has a wide, spacious surface that makes up for its stingy keyboard tray, and the design allows you to place it anywhere around your room for a stylish and functional new addition.

Flash Furniture Desk With Pull-Out Keyboard Tray – Our Next Best Choice

For a high-quality furniture with great finish, look no further than the Flash Furniture Desk with Pull-out Keyboard Tray. This company is actually well-known for producing affordable and great-quality stuff.

The table top is wide and spacious, and easily able to accommodate your PC setup along with your various knick-knacks. The frame is made from top-quality stainless steel, making it very durable.

It features a small pull-out keyboard tray, and the table has a simple design that is easy compatible with most bedroom themes.

flash furniture desk w pull out keyboard tray

Pairing the sleek design with good-quality materials makes this our second top pic for best gaming desk for PC setups.


  • Lots of leg space, with its 47-inch height clearance
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Very sturdy construction


  • The laminated finish is not scratch resistant, so you might want to be careful there
  • times-circle
    The pull-out tray is pretty small, and you may not be able to accommodate both your keyboard and your mouse
  • times-circle
    No additional shelves and drawers for your accessories

BOTTOM LINE: The Flash Furniture with Pull-out Keyboard has a great design and sturdy build, although the lack of additional drawers and shelves might be a drawback for those who have a lot of gaming accessories. However, if you’re a minimalist who only needs a great PC setup, a keyboard, and a gaming mouse, this might be the best gaming desk for you.

Ikea Computer Workstation

Of course the Swedish furniture giant isn’t going to get left behind when it comes to cranking out gaming desks! Heading the IKEA choices for the best gaming desk is ​their IKEA Micke Computer Workstation, a gaming desk with a monstrous 57.5 inch, moisture-resistant Fiberboard top that allows you to place your gaming setup (and all your accessories) easily.

The desk boasts an acrylonitrile plastic finish that’s both sturdy and attractive, and the minimalist appearance of this gaming desk allows it to be used for any modern-themed room.

ikea computer workstation

A great feature that neither of the first two desks have had: a round outlet hole in the back that allows you to manage your cables and keep your desktop looking nice and neat.

Another bonus feature: a drawer that slides in and out smoothly, without any clunky handles or knobs.


  • Wide space to place both your gaming PC, as well as any accessories you have
  • Smooth and well-hidden drawer for additional storage space
  • Handy cable organizer


  • Table can sag over time, as the legs only support the ends of the table
  • times-circle
    No pull-out tray, so if you don’t like having your keyboard and screen together, tough luck.

BOTTOM LINE: While IKEA is known to have cheap and functional furniture, this one seems to be a bit of a toss-up. It does offer great space and a gorgeous design, but the design flaws like the wobbly structure and the potential to sag makes it a poor choice for heavily souped-up gaming setups.​

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

All sleek and gorgeous-looking, the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation is a great piece of furniture that features a cherry finish with black accents, and it’s a centerpiece for any modern gaming station.

You can definitely call this baby a modern piece of art, as this gaming desk boasts a very wide and spacious countertop that can house even the biggest gaming setups. It comes with a storage space on top, so you can have a place to put your speakers and whatnot, as well as a very spacious leg space for those who love stretching their legs out while playing.

z line designs cyrus workstation

The pullout tray is right there for you to plunk your keyboard on.

Don’t worry if you get a bit rowdy while playing though – the glass is tempered safety glass, so it is pretty durable. What’s more, the table itself comes with wheels, so it’s easy to move it around to your satisfaction.

Sadly though, this baby doesn’t come with any drawers, so that might be a bit of a deal breaker for those who love to tuck your gaming accessories away after a long night of raiding with friends.


  • Spacious desk top to hold your PC setup
  • Additional space for speakers and other accessories
  • 4 casters for easy movement
  • check-square-o
    Multiple grommets to hold your wires


  • No drawers
  • times-circle
    The structure doesn’t have any middle support, so don’t put any heavy setups that can cause sagging

BOTTOM LINE: Even with those drawbacks, the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation does have the pros that can offset them. If you’re the type of gamer that really longs for a desk that has a sleek and gorgeous appearance, this is the best gaming desk for you. Just make sure that your PC setup isn’t too heavy!

Gibson Living Madison L-Shaped Desk

​Ok, so here’s our pick for the best gaming desk that’s L-shaped.

This one’s minimalist as they come, but can still function as a great gaming desk and fit snugly into any corner of your room: the Gibson Living Madison L-Shaped Desk.

There are a quite a bit of features on this one that makes it a candidate for our own gaming rooms.

First, the scratch-resistant, tempered glass countertop boasts a spacious gaming space, so you can add more than one PC screen, or a host of speakers to heighten your gaming experience.

gibson living madison l shaped desk

The frame itself has a powder-coated durable steel frame, making it strong and sturdy and able to stand up to most gaming setups. There’s a universal CPU stand under the desk to store your unit, and the flexible keyboard tray can be mounted on either side of the desk.

Basically, you’d feel like one awesome pilot manning the controls of a warship on this baby as you scurry back and forth in the best PC gaming chair your bum has ever laid its cheeks on!


  • Interchangeable long and short sides so that you can more easily set it up in your room however you like it.
  • Modern and elegant, but strong and sturdy
  • Tempered safety glass can endure intense heat (for long sessions of gaming), and bumps and scratches (for those over-enthusiastic gamers)
  • check-square-o
    Very easy to move and reassemble


  • Pull-out keyboard is pretty small
  • times-circle
    The setup cannot accommodate a clamp-style monitor mount
  • times-circle
    No drawers (again!)

BOTTOM LINE: This particular gaming desk has a great combination of the right height, sturdy finish, strong materials, and an innovative design and features that makes it a wonderful additional to any gaming setup.

If we were going to nitpick a little, we’d say we would have loved some drawers and grommets for easy cable managing, but those are pretty small complaints, so if you need an L-shaped table, this is definitely a best gaming desk contender.​

Basyx by HON – Manage Table Desk

Simple, sleek, and serviceable…sometimes a best gaming desk contender comes along that’s nice enough for us to speak in alliterations! If you hate looking at your desktop and seeing all the clutter, the Manage Table Desk is about to become your best friend.

While the desk does have a spacious countertop, scratch-resistant laminated finish, and 4 high-quality metal legs with steel-reinforced frame, the mere fact that you only have the table top to work with will force you to whittle down your gaming setup to the bare essentials.

basyx by hon manage table desk

Never fear though, there’s plenty of legroom at the bottom…if that makes up for it.


  • Spacious countertop
  • Sturdy build with scratch-resistant laminated finish
  • Minimalisti design and great for any room theme.


  • Lack of drawers or trays may turn some gamers off.

BOTTOM LINE: This is definitely one of those love-them or hate-them kind of gaming desks. If you’re the type of wants everything in their own specific place, this might not be the gaming desk for you.

Need Computer Desk

Another computer desk that scores high in the “minimalist” category, the “Need” will give you the ultimate experience in both comfort and gaming sessions, but will do so in a simple way.

This wooden table top with black glossy finish is a great addition to a modern gaming room because it doesn’t have any of the frills and bells that tends to stick out like a sore thumb.

The wide desktop gives you ample space to place your monitor, while the roomy space underneath allows for both your legs and your CPU (if you’re inclined to place it there) to fit comfortably.

need computer desk

The leg pads are adjustable for up to 2 centimeters, if you need to adjust the height of the table, and the frame is powder-coated metal, giving you strength and support for those heavy gaming rigs.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Black minimalist design makes it easy to pair with any room theme
  • Sleek dimensions reduces the “clunky, cluttered” look
  • check-square-o
    Can be used for both gaming and business because of the simple design


  • No sliding tray – you have to put your mouse and keyboard at level with your monitor
  • times-circle
    No shelves and drawers – Accessories are going to be on your table top as well
  • times-circle
    No cable management feature
  • times-circle
    Can’t be used for mounted monitors

BOTTOM LINE: This is the best gaming desk for you if you’re the straightforward kind of gamer. If you don’t mind not having shelves, drawers, or extra storage spaces for your CPU, speakers, and other accessories, the Need Computer Desk will definitely answer your needs.

What’s more, if you’re the type of person who also works where they play, it’s a pretty great desk because it’s simple, straightforward, and will help you streamline all your work and play needs into one place.

Convenience Concepts Trestle Desk

The Convenience Concepts Trestle Desk is one that really matches the look of classic and timeless, if you love going for gaming desks that add a bit of “oomph” to your gaming room. It’s made from solid, kiln-dried wood, making it strong and sturdy.

However, this is not a recommended desk if you’re looking for something scratch-resistant and water-resistant. So if you’re the type of gamer who loves to munch and sip while gaming, you may want to break out your coaster to save the beautiful finish on this desk.

convenience concepts trestle desk

This desk boasts a two-level storage compartment for all your gaming accessories, as well as roomy leg space if you want to indulge in a long gaming session. The Concepts Trestle is roomy and spacious enough for both your monitor and your CPU, and it can hold up to 40 pounds of weight without any trouble.


  • Sturdy design
  • You can add a mountable keyboard tray (although there is no tray included)


  • No drawers, so everything is out in the open on this desk
  • times-circle
    Side and back of the shelves are open, so it’s not the most useful storage space

BOTTOM LINE: While there are some drawbacks to this desk (the wood finish might be a bit hard to work with for some gamers who love the steel and chrome of more “modern” desks), the classic and timeless look of this desk can more than make up for it.

What’s more, it’s sturdy and strong, so if you’re from the old school crowd, this desk might make the top of your best gaming desk list.​

Merax L-Shaped Rotatable Desk

The Merax L-Shaped Rotatable Desk looks like something that belongs in a sci-fi office, and once you get to see what it does, you might think that, too!

The unique design of this desk pretty much allows you to choose what kind of “mode” you want it to be: you can either choose single desktop mode, or rotate the top part of the desk to make it into the “L-mode”.

This is a pretty useful desk that can be used in almost any room or theme.

merax l shaped rotatable desk

The desk is made from medium-density fiberboard, giving it sturdiness and durability, and the lockable wheels ensure that it stays in place once you’ve found it a good home in your room.

The two lower shelves serve as additional space for all your gaming accessories as well. We love this desk, and this deserves a thumbs up for innovation and design.


  • Unique, 360-rotation function
  • Durable materials like medium-density fiberboard surface and powder-coated steel frame
  • Two shelves for additional space


  • No sliding tray for keyboard and mouse
  • times-circle
    No drawers
  • times-circle
    No cable management features

BOTTOM LINE: Aside from those aforementioned cons, we really like the look and function of this particular gaming desk. It has enough space for all the gaming accessories that you can think of, and it can pretty much fit into any room or space that you have.

Whether it’s the single desktop mode, or the L-shape formation, the Merax L-shaped desk has it both for you.​

Regency Soho L-Shaped Corner Desk

The Regency Soho L-shaped Computer Desk is probably the strongest and sturdiest desk on this list, because it can carry a weight of almost 80 pounds without any problem. That’s the weight of even the heaviest gaming system, or a medium-sized dog, right there!

You have the high-quality stainless steel legs, coupled with your choice of either a tempered smoked glass top or a hardwood Mocha walnut top.

Both are scratch-resistant, so this is basically a call for your aesthetic pleasure.

regency soho l shaped corner desk

The L-shaped configuration of this desk allows you to place it snugly against the wall of your gaming room, giving it a sleek and modern look. You also get an interchangeable mounted drawer and sliding keyboard tray on the L-shaped desk.


  • Whether you choose the glass or the hardwood, the surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean
  • Spacious desk for multiple monitors
  • Drawers have a locking system to keep your valuables safe


  • The construction on the sliding tray and drawer feels a bit flimsy
  • times-circle
    Keyboard desk is pretty small, and won’t fit a large gaming keyboard and a mouse
  • times-circle
    No cable management features.

BOTTOM LINE: This baby hits all the right notes with us: an innovative and sleek design, high-quality materials, available drawer and sliding keyboard tray, and strong enough to carry a heavy-duty gaming rig.

There’s a bit of a disappointment regarding the quality of the keyboard tray and drawer, and the fact that there’s no way to manage your cables neatly, but if those aren’t deal-breakers for you, this is the best gaming desk option that your gaming room should not be without!

HomCom 64” Modern L-Shaped Glass Top Desk

Homcom is actually one of the most well-known gaming desk manufacturers today, and their Modern L-shaped Glass Top Desk does not disappoint their legion of loyal fans.

The surface of the desktop looks sleek and modern, with a medium-density fiberboard frame and a tempered smoky glass middle, this beautiful desk can support up to 180 pounds!

Coupled with the powder-coated steel legs and sturdy backframe, this desk can stand up to even your most intense gaming sessions.

homcom 64 modern l shaped glass top desk

But wait, there’s more! This desk also has an accompanying CPU rack, so you won’t worry about where to place your CPU. The sliding keyboard tray is large and roomy, and can handle both your keyboard and your mouse.


  • Definitely one of the strongest desks (in both weight supported and features) on this list
  • Back side is covered, can be used as a room divider
  • Zero collapse structure and heat resistant
  • check-square-o
    Can accommodate two gaming setups (Better call dibs on the CPU rack early)


  • No shelves or drawers
  • times-circle
    No cable management features

BOTTOM LINE: Ok, the cons on this particular gaming desk seems to be a little nitpicky, because it’s an overall very good gaming desk. Its innovative features (can’t get enough of that CPU rack!), wide, spacious desk, and high-quality building materials makes it a top contender for best gaming desk of 2018.

Techni Mobili Deluxe Tempered Corner Desk

“Modern with a contemporary twist” might be a good way to describe the Techni Mobili Corner Desk. “Heck yes, this is an awesome desk”, might be another. One thing that really stands out on this desk are the sleek but powerful legs, so you already have a sense of what kind of weight it can handle.

The heavy-duty, 8-inch tempered glass can take out pretty much any punishment you can think off, and the moisture-resistant finish can take on even the worst soda spills. So bring on your gaming sessions!

techni mobili deluxe tempered corner desk

Aside from the very spacious surface area, the Techni Mobili desk also comes with a built-in CPU stand and a pullout keyboard tray so that your mouse and keyboard are snug in their own little storage compartment.

The sleek design makes it easy to fit in any corner of the room, giving a well-designed gaming station that’s sure to be the envy of your raiding group.


  • Sleek, innovative design with sliding keyboard tray and CPU rack
  • Keyboard tray can hold up to 30 pounds – easily one of the sturdiest keyboard trays in this list
  • Durable, heavy-duty, and sturdy
  • check-square-o
    Powder-coated frame makes it rust, strain, and moisture resistant


  • The gaming desk is seriously heavy, as it weighs 95 pounds
  • times-circle
    No shelves and drawers included
  • times-circle
    No support for mounted monitors.

BOTTOM LINE: While this gaming desk does offer a lot of good, it comes with one serious drawback: its own weight. Since it weighs close to 100 pounds, you’d better make sure that you love the placement when you set it up, because you’re going to have a hell of a time trying to move it around.

Other than that, if you’re looking for a strong and reliable gaming desk with lots of space, the Techni Mobili Deluxe model has everything you need.​

Pro Line II Prado Workstation

Yeah, sometimes life hits you hard, and since you’ve spent a ton on your gaming rig, chances are you won’t have a lot of dough left over to purchase a good gaming desk. Well, the good folks over at Pro Line II has heard your pleas, and has come up with the Pro Line II Prado Workstation: a gaming desk that’s sleek, strong, and most importantly, affordable.

It’s a heavy-duty laminated desk, and it comes in black and white. For those who don’t need all the bells and whistles for their gaming desk, this is a great choice.

pro line ii prado workstation

It comes with a very spacious desktop so that you can easily place your mouse, keyboard, monitor, CPU, speakers…you name it! Plus, they even have metal grommets so that you can manage your cables as well. Truly, this one is a bargain with the simple and minimalist gamer in mind..


  • Table top is scratch resistant and moisture resistant due to laminated finish
  • L-shaped design allows it to be tucked away in corners for a neat-looking gaming station


  • No additional crossbars, so if you have a heavy gaming rig, this might be able to support your setup
  • times-circle
    No drawers for additional storage

BOTTOM LINE: This is the gaming desktop for those gamers who love to have everything at hand and ready for use. The laminated finish makes it a great choice for the average gamer, and the table itself doesn’t take up a lot of space, giving your gaming station a streamlined and functional appearance.

However, if you’re the kind of gamer who loves to have separate compartments and lots of storage space, you may want to pass on this one.

Corell WS3060-07 Computer Table

Corell is another well-known manufacturer for good-quality gaming desks, and their WS3060-07 Computer Table has both the strength to function for gaming and the sleekness for business.

It’s probably another of the more simple gaming desks on this list, featuring a High-Pressure Laminate Top with Backing Sheet, wide legroom, and cable management features to keep all your cables tidy and neat.

The black appearance of this particular gaming desk gives it a contemporary, timeless look, making it a great addition for any gaming rig or setup you have in your room.

corell ws3060 07 computer table


  • Great cable management system
  • Laminated surface makes it durable and scratch-resistant
  • Adjustable nylon glides keep it stable and easy to move
  • check-square-o
    Strong steel frame


  • Lack of support surfaces for gaming accessories
  • times-circle
    No keyboard tray
  • times-circle
    No shelves and drawers

BOTTOM LINE: The biggest drawback is that the desk doesn’t have additional storage spaces like drawers and shelves, but this desk does do what it’s supposed to do: give you an organized, sturdy, and strong gaming desk for your PC.

Couple that with the very attractive price tag, and you might find that you don’t actually need all those extra spaces, if you just do a little bit of creative spacing on the table top.​

Lian Li DK-03

The Lian Li DK-03 is one of the more interesting products in this lineup for gaming desks, simply because it’s a gaming desk AND a computer case rolled into one.

The aluminum body is topped with a tempered glass countertop, which houses the computer case.

The computer case can house two different systems: one for E-ATX motherboards, and another for a mini-ITX system. What’s more, it can accommodate up to 10 different Hard Disk Drives.

lian li dk 03 x

It also comes with four USB 3.0 ports, headphone rack…we can go on and on, but let’s just say, if you love building your own setup, THIS, THIS, THIS is the gaming desk for you.

The desk itself has an adjustable height, and comes with built-in lightning.


  • Two different gaming systems, one desk. Love it!
  • Heat-resistant and very durable


  • Can only accommodate one monitor – Not loving that so much
  • times-circle
    Little space for keyboard, mouse, and other gaming components
  • times-circle
    No additional storage space
  • times-circle

BOTTOM LINE: Considering the features and price of the Lian Li DK-03, this might be more of an acquired taste for gamers who love to have a unique and eye-catching gaming setup, rather than something for the average, casual gamer.

What’s more, the desktop space isn’t that wide, so you might have trouble if you have multiple monitors, a gaming keyboard and mouse, and other gaming equipment.

Bestar Hampton Wood Home Office Corner Desk

Now we’ve come to the last item on our best gaming desk for 2018 list, and this one is a one for the truly elegant gamer.

First, let’s talk about colors: it comes in Charcoal, Sand Granite, or Tuscany Black and Brown, so you have a wide choice what can fit your preferred color scheme.

Second, the hardwood laminated surface makes this table scratch-resistant and pretty durable.

bestar hampton wood home office corner computer desk in tuscany brown

Now, the more fun parts. First, you get a raised monitor stand, as well as a sliding keyboard tray, so that’s a big bonus for both the gamer and the professional worker.

Another is the dedicated storage space, if you love keeping all your accessories neat and orderly. Finally, L-shaped configuration makes it the perfect addition for both the office and the gaming room. Sit in this table, and you’ll definitely feel like the big boss!


  • PVC, shock-resistant keyboard tray (a big boost from all the flimsy trays of past)
  • Very, very spacious
  • Dedicated CPU compartment


  • Eats a LOT of space
  • times-circle
    No cable management features
  • times-circle
    Sliding tray fixed in place.

BOTTOM LINE: Ok, so the wide space is both blessing and curse in this one: while it does provide you with a lot of space for your gaming setup, it also eats up a lot of space in your room. This table might be better suited for larger rooms, because it tends to look crowded and clunky in a small room. However, if you can find space for it, it becomes an elegant and gorgeous centerpiece that holds all your gaming equipment quite nicely​

Pre-Purchase Pondering: Finding The Ideal Computer Desk

Ok, if you’ve reached this part of the article, your head is probably already spinning right now with all the information you’ve gotten…and you’ve only looked at 16 entries! There are hundreds of available choices out there, and it’s pretty understandable if you’re getting a bit dizzy.

So, we’re going to make it simple for you.

Here are the four most important things you may want to consider when choosing the ideal computer table for you:


There’s no getting around it: your budget is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING you need to consider. Gaming tables prices can range anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of dollars, so you want to choose the one that fits into your budget without draining your finances too much.


Another thing you need to consider: your available space. If you’ve got a spacious room that can accommodate even the bulkiest setups, by all means, choose whatever your heart desires. However, for smaller rooms, L-shaped tables are the best because they maximize the usage of space around your room.


Now, most people don’t really think of ergonomics when it comes to purchasing a gaming desk, but when you’ve been hunched over in the same position for hours on end, you may want to reconsider your stance (we mean that both figuratively and literally).

Consider the height of the desk, the clearance height for your legs, and whether you can stand being seated in front of a particular desk configuration for hours at a time.


Of course, features come hand-in-hand with your budget: no matter how much you drop on your gaming desk, you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth. The 16 gaming desks that we reviewed are, we feel, the best value for your money.

This is where you should also consider what you need in terms of desk features. Do you love having extra storage space and making things neat and orderly? Do you want a huge desktop space to just plunk everything down? Or do you want the most souped-up gaming desk available?

Ok, What About Materials and Aesthetics?

There are a few words in this article that were bandied around a lot: tempered glass, laminated wood, and powder-coated stainless steel. So let’s go a little bit into each:


Glass computer desks are entirely made of glass while their stands are constructed from stainless steel material or wood.

Glass has become increasingly popular with many users for its strength and versatility, making glass desks look both stylish and practical. The glass not only looks great in vintage and traditional themed rooms, but also in modern and contemporary spaces.

For many users, glass desks may seem fragile and easily breakable, but manufacturers have found that tempered glass is one of the best solutions available.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is pretty popular because it gives a look of stylishness and elegance, while at the same time is durable and strong. It works well with both contemporary as well as traditional themed rooms, and in the case of the Lian Li DK-03, having a tempered glass case for your setup gives it a really awesome look.

Laminated Wood

Laminated wood is a pretty affordable alternative for many desk makers, but it doesn’t skimp on durability and stability for the users. The plastic finish applied to the surface of the wood makes it both scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant, so it’s a great choice for the average gamer.

If we had to find a fault with laminated wood desks, it would be that some of the more “discerning” gamers might find them cheap-looking, but if you’re the type that values function over form, laminated wood desks are the way to go.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is pretty much self-explanatory: the more stainless steel in the construction, the more sturdy and strong the gaming desk. So, a desk that only has stainless steel legs with no additional crossbar supports can carry less weight than a desk that’s completely made from stainless steel. However, there is one giant drawback: these babies get pretty heavy and clunky.

Is Design Really That Important?

As before, we’ve mentioned several designs of gaming desks in this article, but they basically boil down to two major types: rectangular and the L-shaped desk.

The L-shaped desk, as mentioned earlier, is the better choice if space is at a premium in your gaming area. They utilize those corners in the room so that you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to space.

What’s more, using L-shaped desks allows you to have a cleaner-looking gaming system where everything is flush against the wall. Another great thing about L-shaped desks is that you can multitask, setting up multiple monitors, and in some cases, even switching the placement of your keyboard tray. L-shaped desks are really versatile, and work well in any gaming setup.

One drawback, however, a lot of L-shaped desks don’t have adequate support for heavier gaming PCs, so you may want to take that into account.

On the other hand, the more traditional rectangular gaming desk boasts a lot more support for your gaming rig, but the tradeoff that is there’s a lot less space as well. Rectangular desks can be placed anywhere, may it be in the corner or the center of the room, and it can make for a great piece of furniture, but placing it in the corner of the room can make you feel a bit cramped and crowded.

For a more in-depth discussion on design, read more below.

L-Shaped Computer Desk

There are a wide variety of different desks from which to choose. One practical type of desk is the L-shaped style.

Space is an important consideration when purchasing a computer desk. One major advantage of L-shaped computer desks is that they allow the user to position the desk in a manner that is not only convenient but also fits into the size of the room.

They can be arranged to make use of a corner, which tends to be the least utilized parts of any room.

An L-shape desk can also be used from both sides and function as a room divider as well (something that I’m contemplating). Since the desk can accommodate all peripherals, it is easily for you to multitask. For instance, some parts of the desk can have the personal computer and the other part can be a free space for any sort of desk work.

Rectangular Computer Desk

The design of your desk can be fairly simple. If all you need is a table with four legs that you can put in front of a chair, what you only need is a rectangular table. What could be more enduring than a straight desk? It could never run out of style and could survive the passage of time.

For those who prefer this kind desk, their main considerations are stability and strength.

A computer desk should have excellent load bearing capabilities since its operational life is going to be spent on the computer and its multiple components resting on top of it.

Additionally, you have to make sure that the computer desk is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the upper body since most people who use a computer end up resting their elbows on their desk, and this adds an extra weight resting on your computer desk.

A rectangular table doesn’t offer a ton of room, but they will work in about any space and you can use it as an office table, for the simple reason that the entire desktop is usable and there are practically no dead spaces. overall a rectangular desk can serve both as a computer table and write space with no distinction. You can even place them on a wall or right in the middle of the floor.

The (Last) Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, the final choice would come down to your personal taste, preference, how much space you have, and how much you’re willing to shell out. Furthermore, when you combine all these factors, you’re more likely to arrive at the gaming desk that would be most suited for your needs.

A word of advice from us: don’t bother with the aesthetic component of the desk overmuch.

Sure, you might have the prettiest gaming desk on the block, but if it’s not comfortable, it doesn’t hold all your gaming equipment well, or it breaks after some time, you’ve pretty much flushed your money down the drain.

In the end, always consider that you’re choosing something for the long haul, and we do mean, LONG. Consider the amount of time you’re going to sit there every gaming session, and the amount of time you’ve going to be using it overall, and you’ll want a desk that you can use in comfort and security for a long, long time.

Now, go and raid some villages!

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