Best DXRacer Chair for Gaming (Reviews & Guide 2021)

Best DXRacer Chair for Gaming (In-Depth Guide)

When even eSport Organizations recognize the versatility of DXRacer, you’re bound to start asking around about the brand.

Since its big break back in 2012 (becoming an official sponsor of Fnatic and all that) its popularity skyrocketed! Want to try rocking it out with DXRacer? No problemo. Check this out!

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Why Are DXRacer Chairs So Popular?

dxracer side view

DXRacer didn’t magically rise up to the popularity chart once the company has been established. In fact, it’s far from that.

The world-renowned company started back in 2006 – yes, pretty much the era of the golden oldies like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Since their launching, they all had one focus in mind: Strict Quality Management.

Secret to success? Innovative business ideas! After years of turning the odds into their favor, they became one of the top pioneering companies among OEM car accessory manufacturing.

During their start-up years, most of DXRacer’s investment went to the research and development department.

While they started out producing racing chairs (Well, duh. DXRacer) they decided to raise the bar higher and took a plunge into gaming seats.

Being one hell of a consistent company, their quality and design were mostly on point. They went as far as ensuring a chair for gamers regardless of what their skill level is.

But let’s be real here, like any other successful company, there’s none but one reason that led them to a successful career: SPONOSORSHIPS!

Just two years after their initial set-up (2008), they have been quick to respond for sponsorships for large-scale events. Lately, the company has become an exclusive seat for WCG – talk about AWESOME!

Here are some of DXRacer’s Sponsored Global Tournaments:

  • 2014 Major League Gaming – The MLG League is a big shark. It’s the complete name of the chief league gaming, A.K.A Professional Major League Gaming. This was in the North American eSports community.
  • 2015 LCK League Summer Games – What’s up LoL Champions of Korea? This is the best league in Korea. Not too long ago, this was being referred as OGN League.
  • 2015 World Cyber Arena – This was founded approximately three years ago, 2014. It’s a world-breaking event in "Hero s" Arena, Player "s Dreamland" as the slogan, PC games, and even Mobile Games.

Which Dxracer Series Should I Get? Recommended Series Based on Your Weight and Height

If there’s anything to love about DXRacer, it’s that it mostly has everything ready for you. Their ton of series and confusing names aren’t just there to troll with you.

(Although beginners really don’t have a clue how to differentiate one model from the other. Don’t worry bro, I’ll walk with you in a bit).

Body size, weight, height, and other factors are important to determine which DXRacer series you’re best suited with. Before reading further, it’d be ideal for you to get your measurement done.

I’ll give you a few minutes to do that – take your time, I’m not in a hurry.

Now, assuming you’ve got the numbers memorized – let’s continue!

Weighing Below 150 Pounds



  • Height: 170cm - 175cm
  • Weight: Below 150lbs
  • BMI: Under 25

You can either have the classic-looking E (Elite) Series or get the cool, futuristic black and green painted chair O Series.

As for the height, both of the ergonomic chair’s support can hold someone who’s 5 ft 7 and 5 ft 9 respectively.

If you’re a bit taller than what E Series can handle, you should definitely go for the more aesthetically-pleasing counterpart.

Weighing at 170 Pounds



  • Height: 160cm - 175cm
  • Weight: Below 170lbs
  • BMI: Under 25

Unlike the previous section, you’re only given one specific series to get. This is your DXRacer D (Drifting) Series.

DXRacer makes it up by letting you choose one from all 15 different models.

This is suitable for someone whose height is at 5 ft 9. Pretty much the same height allowance as the O series.

Weighing at 180 Pounds



  • Height: 172cm - 178cm
  • Weight: Below 180lbs
  • BMI: Under 25

You can count on both F and R Series to help you out. Both looks pretty solid.

They’re an upgrade for the last series mentioned before them.

The F Series is able to hold up a 5 ft 10 in person while the R Series can carry a 6 ft 3 giant. This is only for (RH and RV models). The other models (RB, RE, RL, RW models) is at 6 ft 1 which is still impressive.

Weighing at 185 Pounds



  • Height: 173cm - 183cm
  • Weight: Below 185lbs
  • BMI: Under 25

5 pounds really does make a difference. If you’ve been packing some few pounds from the last Holiday vacation, it’s time to rethink your options.

The W Series is the way to go – it stands for Wide Series.

It ensures comfort for someone who’s at 6 ft.

Weighing at 220 Pounds



  • Height: 175cm - 190cm
  • Weight: Below 220lbs
  • BMI: Under 30

Introducing the R Series with over 25 models available in the market. Although there are models in the series which can only carry up to 180 pounds (I’m talking about RB, RE, RL, RW models.)

There’s some pretty badass models like RH, RV models which can handle a whopping 220 pounds. The height recommendation for these two models is 6 ft 3. The other four models have a 6 ft 1 limit.

Weighing at 250 Pounds



  • Height: 175cm - 185cm
  • Weight: Below 250lbs
  • BMI: Under 30

Let’s give a warm welcome to DXRacer I (Iron) Series and DXRacer C (Classic) Series. These two can bust out a heavy load at 250 pounds.

Just choose either one of the two – but Iron Series wins a point for being eye-catching. Classic Series is awesome if you’re into simple designs with great performance. Conveniently, these two series have the same height recommendation at 6 ft 1 in.

Weighing at 275 Pounds



  • Height: 175cm - 188cm
  • Weight: Below 275lbs
  • BMI: Under 30

Who’s the King? You are, of course! And maybe the King Series of DXRacer as well.

This baby has the capacity to take on a 275 person in a cinch.

With a suggested user height of 6 ft 2 in, it’s an ass-kicking package to take note of.

Weighing at 325 Pounds



  • Height: 183cm - 198cm
  • Weight: Below 325lbs
  • BMI: Under 30

DXRacer S (Sentinel) is a monster. This can easily take on a 300-pounder right away. Another impressive feature is its capability of giving off comfort to a 6 ft 6 in giant!

This is the same scenario with all of its other models in the series.

Weighing at 425 Pounds



  • Height: 185cm - 200cm
  • Weight: Below 425lbs
  • BMI: Under 30

Surprisingly, DXRacer created two series for the heaviest person to use the company’s ergonomic chair. The B Series is good, but its suggested height is a bit too low. It only gives off a limit of 6 ft 1 in.

However, the Tank Series is literally just what the name stands for – it’s built for a tank. A hulk that weighs 435 pounds and stands an imposing height of 6 ft 7 in is just another day at the office for this series.

Main Features and Differences Between DXRacer Chairs

DXRacer F Series Review

Knowing that this series has got DXRacer busy with making over 40 different models, it’s only safe to say that this is one of the most successful chair lines the company holds.

Due to the fact it has the rule of “Majority Wins” you’re bound to get attracted to a specific model under this series.

It’s designed with Polyurethane. If the goal was to strike a leathery vibe in order to get a classier feel, then it has succeeded greatly. 


In addition, the chair being waterproof has become one of the best decisions of DXRacer EVER. Gamers who want to eat and drink while playing at the same time (Like, almost ALL of the population) can rest assured one swipe of wipe can revert it back to tiptop condition.

The padding is decent (better than the other series of this price range) sinking after a couple of months’ use is unlikely to happen.


  • Lot's of models to choose from
  • Comfortable and convenient to use.
  • Fully-customizable series


  • PVC gets hot after hours of gaming
  • times-circle
    Better suited for air-conditioned rooms or places with colder climates

DXRacer Racing Series

Want a total body support? You came to the right place. When the saying goes “No pain, no gain” this gives you the gainz without any strain from the neck to your feet.

Emphasis on the series being a high back chair, it provides a great support (not to mention the added lumbar pillow).

The arms rests are good. It gives you the pleasure of a 15-degree rotation going on both sides. Also, the power to control its height adjustment. End result? You’re able to find the ideal elbow alignment for gaming marathons.


Let me just add this on the list – its 170-degree tilt mechanism. While 90-degree might seem cool, it’s going to give you an uncomfortable time after a couple of hours. This relieves you from the situation.

Because let’s face it – limb fatigues sucks. The idea of lying almost flat after playing LoL doesn’t sound so bad, right?


  • 15-min easy assembly process
  • Free lumbar and neck pillow
  • Comfortable high-density foam


  • Not meant for gamers with a "footballer's" build

DXRacer Iron Series Review

DXRacer is known to make one of the best gaming chairs built for design and comfort. But the company’s Iron Series is exceptional at taking our breath away.

Aesthetically speaking, it has taken the racing inspired seat design to a whole new level.

It wouldn’t be a grand buy if it didn’t have a headrest and a lumbar cushion. Luckily, this has it both in the bag. The size of this thing is somewhere in the middle of Drifting and King Series, which definitely adds to its overall impact.


It has a multifunctional control unit which allows you to customize it to your liking.

Its foam manages to stay in place even after hours of abuse, Iron Series comes in with a high-density and durable cold foam. On top off having a solidly welded steel frame, it really IS a must-see series.


  • Great design
  • Multifunctional control
  • Solid steel frame and base


  • Price tag a bit expensive.

DXRacer Max Series

Nothing beats the classics, that’s what everyone says. Carrying a look that never goes old, DXRacer has the subtle look on a professional and sportier level.

This series being fully-adjustable is one of the reasons why DxRacer has their priorities straight. Seriously, you can manipulate the armrests to either be narrowed or widened.

At the same time, the height can be adjusted as well. This can be swiveled to any angle of your liking, making its armrests one of the notable features.

It offers an extra room for anyone – yes, even for the bigger guys out there. Being one of DXRacer’s series which can handle taller guys, it makes a great deal for laid-back gamers.


  • Wheel can be locked
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Seat has extra wiggle room


  • Legs aren't as long enough to fit taller gamers.

Update June 7, 2018 - The DXRacer M Series doesn't seem to exist anymore.

DXRacer Tank Series Review

Without a doubt, this is one big ass chair. If you’re a person with more meat to love, then you’ll definitely find this worth every penny. Heck, this can even fit two small dudes – talk about bromance.

It offers the pleasure of letting you feel like the Ruler you really are.

It’s definitely far from your old pansy office depot chair. Not skipping a beat, this can be adjusted and tweaked to your desire.


As much as I love to use all of my free time playing LoL, but boy, daddy needs a break! The flexibility of the design is something to brag about to your friends and family.

It uses a high-quality PU leather. Yeah, sounds fancy, right? It basically means there will no experiences of sagging and changing of shape. Final say: It’s a splendid toy for the big boy!


  • Ideal for bigger men
  • Multiple adjustable features
  • Comfortable size


  • Setup might be too time-consuming

DXRacer Zero Series

Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is – black and yellow, black and yellow. Zero series stands out in the room greatly.

Dude, why spend hundreds of bucks just to get an ordinary looking chair?

I’d recommend the yellow model as it offers a sharper contrast. But a neat set of color combination isn’t all what it can do, it offers a smoother leather than when being put up against other series.

DxRacer Zero Series

Although its design might be an overkill if you’re just going to use it for PC browsing, but when you change the pace to a heart stomping racing game, it’s a fast and furious experience all over again (without actually having to die.)

If you’re a tall person, finding a chair which fits the length of your legs is a hard find. However, Zero Series is able to elevate the feet enough to ensure that both your feet stays flat on the ground.

It also takes the extra pressure off of your knees into consideration as well as your lower back – say goodbye to your ancient pressure-inducing office chairs.


  • Perfect for taller guys
  • Cozy feet placement
  • Tough to accidentally tip over


  • Some models don't offer lumbar cushion

DXRacer Drifting (D) Series

DxRacer’s D series gives you plenty of room for adjustments. Generally, you have the freedom to adjust the seat, arm, backrest, and the tilt according to what’s fitting for you.

The angle can be shifted from 90 degrees down to a whopping 170. Do you want a quick snooze?

Feel free. This lets you rest in between long gaming sessions.


Noticeably, there’s a handle that sticks out from the control unit. It gives you the option of letting the chair be locked or not. Correspondingly, it has the role of lowering/raising the height of the seat.

This can be pulled out if you want to effectively allow the tilt function to operate. Assembling the entire thing doesn’t need confusing instruction and advanced tools – the supplied Allen key is all you need.

Overall, it’ll probably take you around 30 minutes to get this baby up and ready for some sweet gaming action.


  • Modifiable chair parts
  • 90 degrees to 170 degrees tilt
  • Assembling takes less than an hour


  • You might find the cushioning to be on the stiffer side.

DXRacer Wide Series

Let’s give the floor to the last one on the list – DxRacer’s Wide Series. It’s delivers a unique experience in gaming and comfort. As if reading our minds, the multi-functional control carries a 3-dimensional arm rest to get.

Looking at it as a whole, it’s the ideal balance between ergonomics and comfort. This is one of the company’s series which really helps you find the “spot”. As a bonus, it even go as far as improving your posture along with its cozy feature.

dxracer wide series

Footrest-shaped base: Our new base has been designed by a team of specialized professionals to last indefinitely. The handle is specially designed – just toggle gently and you can lift it immediately.

Due to its high-end surface, resting your arms feels like you’re touching a baby’s butt (without the farts and poo).


  • Moves adjustments on the fly
  • Solid welded steel frame
  • High-quality star base
  • check-square-o
    Rocking functions


  • Armrests does not rotate fully.


Although we have all these series to choose from, and they come in with different features and designs, we still can’t deny the fact that there’s only one head gorilla running the place – shout-out to my boy, DXRacer!

So yeah, simply put, there’s going to be commonalities among the series listed above. Want to know more about ‘em? Read down below!

Lumbar Support's Color Matches The Chair

Let's not base everything on the pictures found on the internet - there's actually a cushion or lumbar support being allocated with the model.


They all come with a footrest shaped base (not to confuse yourself with actual footrest like Merax's). The series on the list offers a cozy base for your feet. But that’s not all, to add in its aesthetics, its base’s color is conveniently matched with the color of the chair – you dig it?

Adjustable Armrests

Now, it wouldn’t be a DXRacer product with stiff armrests. Although they’re pretty much on the same ground with the adjustability, there are different types that go along with it.

12 Backseat Positions

The series have 12 adjustable backseat placements which lets you chill while kicking some enemy’s butt. This can either be to a degree of 135 or 120 on some other models.

In addition, the backseat is adjustable as well. The handle on the series is nicely designed for a quick shift when you feel like it.

Ergonomic Design

These guys right here are sported with some of sleekest ergonomic designs on the market (although there are some which fair off better than the others.)

It lets you have your beauty rest with your eyes glued to the screen for hours – no back pains or discomfort.

Lifetime Warranty

Generally, there’s a lifetime warranty on the frame – you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. As for the parts, it comes in with a 2 year warranty. The nifty add-ons and accessories have about a year given by the manufacturer.

Free Shipping

All of the chairs are being shipped directly from good ol' US of A. Generally, it doesn’t hold any fees within the country for all series.

Are DXRacer Chairs Good For Your Back?

Hell yes! But I’m pretty sure you’re not satisfied with the answer. Well, let’s kick it off with its color-coordinated cushions (because why can’t we be stylish while chilling?)

You can play hours on end without having to deal with those annoying neck and back aches from hours of abusing your body to a certain position.

DxRacer has it down from the traditional shape – with the series of D, F, I and R – to a molded cushion types. These are available for your super cool M and U series. Either way, you have the power to choose.

If that doesn’t make you happy, you can have their 12 adjustable tilt positions for the show. There are models which lets you to lie to an impressive 170 degrees.

There’s not much work to do, adjusting is as easy as counting 123. Partner it with a high-end cover and a soft surface, your back basically has a lot of thanking to do!

DxRacer Back Pillow (Lumbar Support): Is It Any Good?

Let’s define this baby first – it’s generally created to ease back pain and deliver support. When placed correctly – you might have to get a feel to it first – you’ll have a neutral position when sitting or lying.

So what happens to people who don’t use a lumbar support? Answer: Not too good. The chances of your muscle to tense and cramp increases as the hour passes by.

For people who have lumbar disc concerns, it’s not going to be a pretty sight. You’ll experience back pains as well as discomfort in the legs.

Also, get this – it doesn’t only do your back a favor, but it includes your ears, shoulders, and pelvis. Now that we have it cleared up, is it any good? It’s a BIG yes!

Are DXRacer Chairs Comfortable?

The fact that it has swept the gaming population over the past years is already proof that it’s one hardcore chair with a soft touch. One thing to take note of is how these chairs are mostly adjustable.

This lets you be in control of what you want and need. It’s a given comfort for you back and shoulders. The seat itself comes in with a pretty neat density (for all series) along with its other fully-tweakable features.

Considering that it has a lot of series made for all of the gamers out there – from small to large – comfort isn’t an issue. Inclusively, DxRacer has control, flexibility, and comfort served up on a golden platter.

DXRacer Versus Other Brands

DXRacer vs Vertagear

If there’s anything that a newbie can spot right away, it’s that DxRacer has the upper hand when it comes to brand popularity. Although I would give points to Vertagear for being open to communication within the community.

DxRacer is a well-known company holding the largest selection of chairs worldwide. Moreover, it has reached the point of offering a seat for every gamer basing on their structures. But apparently, Vertagear has the same offer as well.

The company (DxRacer) offers chairs which are moderately priced and offers premium chair options at the same time. Being one of the companies to give you a lot of options for styles and colors, its establishment is pretty solid.

However, Vertagear doesn’t fall behind– it also has 4 different styles and many colors to get around with. It’s a tough call to just name a winner looking at only a certain perspective.

Kinsal vs DXRacer

Both companies’ chairs are ergonomically designed. Surprisingly, the two rivals have the same free bonus to begin with (headrest and lumbar cushion).

Kinsal and DxRacer are great when it comes to adjustments as most of their chairs are adjustable to meet the needs of the gamers.

But DxRacer has a higher backrest compared to Kinsal.

kinsal gaming chair

Kinsal Gaming Chair

Their armrests are soft, it works to protect both your shoulders and wrists. The two companies also made their chairs to swivel appropriately and a great backward movement.

AKRacing vs DXRacer

Competing close with DXRacer is AKRacing as the second largest chair collection worldwide. AKRacing offers a chair for ALMOST every stature, it’s good enough to be called as second best – or is it?

Talking about a cheaper price range, AK is definitely a choice. The company also offers fabric and PU-Leather chairs.

As for its capacity, unlike DXRacer, each chair they produce can handle up to 330 pounds. It surely saves time in that department.

However, there’s not so much of a trace coming from AKRacing in the eSports scenes. Totally different from DXRacer which actively participates. Also, it lacks selection for them bigger men out there.

DXRacer vs Need For Seat

Need For Seat carries the same goal as DxRacer. Their seats are uniquely adjustable – just like with DXRacer – and it promotes a healthier way of sitting.

I love how Need for Seat gives the client a great support for the head rest, it goes all the way to give you a winning edge. Yeah, it comes in with a reclining adjustability feature (with extremely soft paddings).

Just like with the leading company, Need for Speed also has a high-end cold molded foam. This is to give the guarantee of a perfect fit over the side bolsters. It gives off a sweet vibe worth having a seat.

What's The Difference Between Nylon Base and Aluminum Base?

Let’s get rid of the confusion. You don’t need to be observant to notice the two different bases available. It can either be Nylon or Aluminum. Don’t worry though, one is not better than the other.

Both of the types have incredible performance and can basically handle the same stated weight, so just chill.

Nylon has a cool, matte finish that’s only being seen as black. Of course, its shape takes off that of a footrest. The difference with Aluminum is that it has a shiny finish instead of the classy matte.

Also, it’s available in two different colors (black and silver). The shape is the same with Nylon, but it’s stronger than Nylon for supporting weight.

Are DXRacer Chairs Worth the Money?

Considering the chair isn’t an expensive Herman Miller at $1000 bucks, the quality and the build took me on by surprise. Yeah, also taking in mind that it’s made in China.

DxRacer has awesome wheels that roll perfectly. Nothing that of a shopping cart A.K.A a “crazy wheel”.

The company has made a frame that’s purely out from metal, the impact is gorgeous and it feels pretty solid.

Interestingly, I used to have a love-hate relationship with its dense padding. But as time went by, I realized it does its job perfectly.

Hours of sitting would lead you to reach the bottom – trust me, it hurts like hell when it does that. But with DxRacer by our side (or under our butts) it never bottoms out.

Overall impression: Is it worth the money? It’s another BIG YES! It’s worth every penny spent. With the choices to choose from, you’re bound to find a chair which spells out your name.

Where Can I Buy A DXRacer?

I bought my DXRacer (it was an R-Series) from As you already know Amazon is a big-ass established DXRacer retailer. You can also get some models from, another established DXRacer retailer that have recently gone into reselling other brands like AKRacing and Cougar. 

What I really like about this is that they offer a 0% financing option so if you don't want to spend $400 or so bucks at once, you can opt to pay for installments. 

You can also get a DXRacer from Amazon. While the delivery is fast and you can sleep well knowing that your purchase will be delivered, they have very limited stock and some models aren't even available.

Wrapping Up

There you go – we have covered all the basic things you need to know about DXRacer (along with a quick preview of other brands).

While everything has its own highs and lows, DXRacer has once proven again that it can turn the tables around with perseverance and consistency. It’s a monster brand for all the cool gamers out there!

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