Atlantic Gaming Desk (In-Depth Review & Buying Guide 2021)

Atlantic Gaming Desk (My Honest Review)

A desk that would provide an easy access for your gaming gear is what any gamer would kill for – but doesn’t have the time to. As a gift for the eSport community, I’ve decided to sacrifice my time for you bros, and reviewed one of the most talked-about desks (so you can keep winning your games!)

Why Choose Atlantic?

Why Choose Atlantic

I mean, why not? Gamers have proven time and time again that Atlantic Gaming Desk is the first thing that gamers’ choose worldwide due to its awesome features and style.

And if you’re going to do the math, you’ll see how cost-efficient the purchase is.

Getting a zero percent trouble-free gaming experience doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Upgrading your game room with a cooler and exclusive look really sets the mood.

Atlantic Gaming Desk (My Honest Review) 1Atlantic Gaming Desk (My Honest Review) 2

Smartly-Made and Designed

Ladies, I know that you’re reading the article somewhere, and I have some good news for you. This splendid gaming desk has been designed by our reliable partner (Atlantic) as lightweight.

Not trying to sound sexist here, but even the frailest of women can move it around – it’s another plus point because who would want to worry about transportation?

In addition, you’ll see that it has super faux laminate. This has been created by the carbon fiber on the surface. This is also present on the sides as well of the entire desk.

Here’s where the beauty comes into play, its faux carbon fiber makes it really pleasant to touch (almost as pleasant as touching me.)

Okay, I’m kidding, but being able to clean it with no worries – due to the lack of sharp edges – takes the desk a notch higher than the others in the market.

Features That Makes It Awesome

This baby has a lot of features to share. Let’s kick it off with its great cable management system. Although cables are important, it can be an annoyance (especially for the unorganized peeps) so I’m really glad they found a way to solve this for all gamers alike.

The gaming desk has been made to handle a 27-inch flat monitor, which looks like a pretty decent feature. It can handle a pressure of 40 pounds anytime, any day! It has been supported with its silver metallic steel which strengthens its durability.

Millennials as we all are, I find it really cool how the charging station is able to charge more than two devices at the same time. It fits perfectly for the basic phones, tablets, and laptops.

Now, since we often have the itch to blast up the sounds to the heavens (sorry neighbors) but Atlantic totally supports us by adding in a speaker try with the gaming desk.

It lets you keep a well-kept desk as it offers a storage drawer which lets you store the accessories appropriately – just don’t dump everything into the drawer. We’re still not at the stage where drawer’s able to magically arrange your stuff.

Again, another smart feature. It offers a nicely-made gaming storage rack. You place all of your CDs and DVDs there, making you look legit (‘cause why not?)

Credits for the monitor stand, it upgrades the entire gaming experience. But more importantly, it gives you the assurance that your monitor is being preciously placed on the desk.

Now, the little add-ons are always highly appreciated. Like its 2 hooks feature where it lets you keep your controllers aligned. Alongside the desk’s power strip holder, it makes a really nice deal.

Its headphone hook helps in keeping the class after gaming sessions. And of course, we can’t help but have a sip out of the giant cup of soda in between games (thank the gods for creating cup holders!)

Going Deep With Atlantic Gaming Desk (Atlantic Cares!)

If you’ve read some of my other articles on this site, then you’d know how much I care about the subject on ergonomics.

While I have stretched on the importance of owning the right chair for your posture, it’s the same thing with finding the ideal gaming desk.

No matter how soft and comfortable your chair is, there’s bound to be a disturbance of pain if you’re using the wrong desk’s height.

Since we’re primarily talking about potential health concerns, I like how the material of the desk is made out of silver metallic steel. It doesn’t give a potential threat than that of iron.

In addition, it doesn’t harm the skin – we have to keep our skin fabulous, right? I’ve mentioned before that the desk is a convenient find as it’s easy to clean.

This also means you can easily remove the dust from the desk, preventing contact from dust to skin. Good news for people who are suffering from sinus or easily gets infected.

Due to how it’s been developed, eye care is evident in its design. The distance between the monitor and the gamer is important – staying too close could potentially ruin your eyes.

The calculated distance provides a safe experience for all of the gamers out there. It’s all thanks to the desk’s TV stand which offers an excellent gaming experience.

Is Atlantic Gaming Desk Worth The Money?

I say yes because…

Searching for the perfect desk is no joke. I know how important desks are – I can’t imagine gaming on the floor (Versace would have been better.)

But all jokes aside, Atlantic Gaming Desk is definitely one of the better products out in the market today that comes with great construction durability.

What can I say? It has filled the holes of what I wanted out of a drawer. Accessibility-wise, it’s right on the money.

Everything you need is being catered for, its storage facilities are way better than the other gaming desks with the same price range. Although the drawers aren’t that big, but everything about it is perfectly sized.

Final Word

Why is it popular? Because it certainly catches the eyes of a certain demographic. I’ve owned a couple of traditional desks before I got this one, and I guess you could say I felt as if something was “missing.”

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your desk into something else in the past few days, this is on the top of my list. Overall impression of Atlantic Gaming Desk: Solid.

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