Arozzi Gaming Chair (In-Deph Review & Product Guide)

Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?)

Who doesn’t like to have a gaming chair with a snazzy name and provides comfort to your bum?

Of course, we all want to have such comfort.

We all dreamed of a cloud nine state of mind as we do our work and win our game.

Is the Arozzi the best gaming chair at this price point? Let's find out.

arozzi gaming chair review

Arozzi Gaming Chair: Latest of the "Premium" Chairs

A little fun fact for you my friend, “Arozzi” is not a gaming chair, it’s the name of the company who manufactures such product.

The company created various type of gaming chair and according to my research I’ve got five amazing chairs from Arozzi. These are Arozzi Enzo series gaming chair, Arozzi Vernaza gaming chair, Arozzi Monza, Arozzi Verona and Arozzi Torretta gaming chair.

These five varieties of chairs are extremely created with quality wise materials and superb key features, though it demands a higher price compared to other gaming chair in the market.

Arozzi Enzo is highly influenced by thick leather. Its designs are simple but it provides maximum comfort to you as you play your war games.

Arozzi Monza on the other hand has racing inspired look which is very cool for gamers to have in their respective houses.

Meanwhile, Arozzi Vernaza gaming chair focuses mainly on its features and functions.

Arozzi Verona, is rocking because of its rocking function and comfort.

Lastly, Arozzi Monza has seven vibrant color choices and with thick padded seat and backrest.

Now here’s a tip my friend, I’m writing this just to give you an overlook regarding this product, but I’m not insisting that you should buy this too.

Every features, designs and functions of a gaming chair is humbly amazing the decision is still in your hands to like or dislike the product after all.

Fasten your seatbelt and relax as I tour you around Arozzi Gaming Chairs!

Features of Arozzi Enzo

Arozzi Enzo, my first impression about this chair is “bold”. The overall look and design of this chair is totally thick leather which is very cool for me.

Now, here’s an advantage if a gaming chair is made of leather. First, it really attracts people since the leather makes it stand out. Secondly, leather gaming chair are hassle-free to clean, which makes it customer friendly.

Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 1Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 2

Although, if you're looking for a gaming chair that has eye-catching designs, this is not the one for you.

So, what makes this chair extra special then?

This has superb materials, the frame of this chair manufactured to be firm and strong. Arozzi Enzo can swivel around with no limitations at 360 degrees.

It’s wheels are made with nylon casters which is a huge plus since it do not create marks in your floor and it does not create unnecessary noise as you move around.

Aside from its wheels, this chair is very light in weight which is a hassle-free for you if you want to disassemble it.

Arozzi Enzo is also perfect for places with limited space since the dimension of this chair is not too large and wide at the same time.

The materials and upholstery of this chair  was thick and smooth which is perfect for people who want to have glossy gaming chair.

Lastly, you can tilt the seat back which provides us comfort and painless experience. This has locking mechanism when you already find the perfect position for you to continue to work or play.

That was Arozzi Enzo, three more gaming chairs to go fella! If you’re looking for one, don’t lose hope the hype is still starting.

Features of Arozzi Vernazza

Are you looking for a chair with adjustable armrests and backrests? Arozzi Vernazza might be perfect for you.

Honestly, adjustability is one important factor to consider in purchasing an office chair or gaming chair. Of course, who doesn’t like to have a gaming chair that is hassle-free and at the same time, it gives comfort with the right price?

Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 3Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 4

And as I did my research regarding this chair, it has wide range of features. It has rocking functions, height adjustment, with wide seat belt and can accommodate up to 360 lbs.

It also has a pneumatic gas lift which is a plus a lumbar support pillow straps. The lumbar support is a great help for those who have back pains, this can reduce the pain as you play or work.

Arozzi Vernazza has multi-function tilt mechanism which allows the chair to be lowered or raised as you tilt the seat or backrests with the rocking function tilt.

The total looked of this chair is amazingly beautiful the upholstery are stitched very well.

Features of Arozzi Monza

Arozzi Monza gaming chair is manufactured with thick padding on the arm wrists with a racing inspired look. Arozzi has created this to attract gamers who love cars and racing game. A perfect marketing strategy that makes it popular in the market.

Aside from its outside look it has ergonomic design which give you comfort while you do your game. It is made with PU leather which makes it comfortable and easy to clean.

Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 5Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 6

Just like other Arozzi gaming chair it has light-weight materials that makes it easy and convenient to move around. It provides 360 degrees rotation and you can also tilt the seat on whatever position you desire.

Arozzi Monza is also built with Gas Spring that can also support up to 120 kg. so you can easily adjust the height that gives satisfaction for those small or tall people.

The wheels are made with nylon casters which are superb and functions quietly as you move around in your room or office. It does not create floor marks and noise.

Features of Arozzi Torretta

Arozzi always make sure that their gaming chairs are lightweight. Just like the three gaming chairs I discussed Arozzi Torretta is made with lightweight construction for convenient and hassle-free movement in your room.

It is also made with metal frame construction and has ergonomic design that makes you comfortable as you seat.

Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 7Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 8

Now, Arozzi Torretta uses PU leather and fabric at the same time. Arozzi manufactured the PU leather on the sides and backrest while the fabric is placed on the front and seat.

You can also tilt the seat with locking function and just like any other Arozzi gaming chair Torretta’s wheel are made with nylon casters.

It also has 360 degrees swivel rotation and are available with seven different colors.

What makes it unique?

According to what I researched, the armrests of this chair have smooth edges and surface which helps in preventing pain in the arms. This kind of quality is not common in the furniture industry.

Since this chair is made with quality-wise material it gives comfort and visual attractiveness to people.

It also has lower back and head cushions that gives comfort especially to those who stays longer in their chair every day.

Now, for those tall people I highly recommend this chair for you. The adjustability is perfect! You can adjust it very high or low depending on what you prefer. You can totally adjust this chair to suit and fit on your height.

However, if your main concern is aesthetic and design, this chair is not your perfect match.

There are also people who do not make an issue regarding its style and designs as long as it gives comfort to them, thus this chair is perfect with affordable price.

Features of Arozzi Verona

This kind of chair makes you feel loved. Arozzi manufactured Arozzi Verona with a rocking function. The chair can be tilted up to 12 degrees at any kind of position you want that best suit your comfort.

It has adjustment wheel and has a reinforced construction providing you with amazing five lockable tilt positions.

Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 9Arozzi Gaming Chair Review (Best One for 2018?) 10

You can also feel the curves of the seat and back holds you firmly as you seat on this chair. It has lumbar and neck pillows with extremely soft cushioning adds comfort and reduce pains as you do you work or game.

It has strong wheels and base that guarantees safety and security as you used this chair. Which is perfect for your grandparents and parents (if the features suits to their needs)

Arozzi Verona has ergonomic design that undeniably provides you the best experience.

Although the price is not that cheap, it is still considerable since its features are amazingly unique than some of their competition.

Factors to consider

Durability and Reliability

What I noticed the way Arozzi manufactured their product is how they provide quality wise materials like nylon casters for their wheels, leather for backrests and seat, gas spring to strong base and most especially the adjustability on the height of the chairs.

They used solid and high quality materials for their gaming chairs which makes me love them from now on.

Since this is a long term investment I think Arozzi is the perfect company for manufacturing gaming chairs.


Since they used quality wise materials, it is already expected they provide the best experience that every gamer deserves. We all want comfort and we have needs and Arozzi is trying their best to give us what we deserve.


Style and design can be an issue for those people who cares for a gaming chairs aesthetics. Arozzi provide gaming chairs with simple designs which is a disappointment for some.

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