AK Racing Gaming Chair 2021 Series (An In-Depth Review)

AKRacing Chair Review (The Best for Gaming?)

ak racing gaming chair


  • 330lbs weight capacity - great for heavier people
  • IMPRESSIVE 5-year warranty.
  • Seat isn't as constrictive as other racing-style seats - comfy!

When you’re shopping for a premium racing-style gaming chair, there are some standards or expectations. Sporty styling, ergonomic adjustments, superb comfort just to name a few. But every so often, there’s that one chair that stands out among all the others.

For me, that’s this one. In this AKRacing gaming chair review, I get to checkout a premium racing-style chair that has an extra bonus for those who prefer a different feel versus the typical gaming chair.

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Technical Specifications

Chair Assembly and Chair Size

Something that impressed me is that the assembly instructions are also available for download on the AKRacing gaming chair website. In fact, you can choose to download  the full instructional guide or just the quick assembly instructions.

ak racing chair size

Materials and Build

The thing I love the most about AKRacing is that the upholstery is fabric and not PU leather. I’ve liked that stuff because it sticks to exposed skin on my arms or legs. And honestly, fabric is just so much more comfortable to sit on.

ak racing materials

The base is made from metal, something I always make a point to take note of. I’m not saying plastic is weaker, but there’s just something about a metal base that gives me more confidence on the structural durability.

Additional Features

Of course, the AKRacing chair does come with headrest and lumbar support pillows. But aside from that, the second most important part next to the seat itself, are the armrests.

ak racing features

The armrests are adjustable up and down, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. For my personal AKRacing chair review, that’s alright because the dimensions of the chair seem a perfect fit for my body type.

What they did do instead of more adjustments, is to put some padding on the armrests. Although, I don’t really quite see the difference over other solid plastic armrests since it’s not really much padding at all. They are slightly longer and wider though, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Maximum and Recommended Capacities

AKRacing claims their gaming chair can support up to 150 kg, which is more or less 330 lbs, very impressive if that’s true. Luckily, I’m only about two-thirds of the way at just over 200 lbs, so no worries in the weight area.

ak racing chairs

They don’t list a specific recommendation for height, but I have seen at least one other AKRacing chair review that states maximum height capacity is around 180 cm or about 5 ft 11 inches. I’m just a few inches shorter, so no problems there either.

AKRacing Gaming Chair Warranty

Instead of just the standard 2 year guarantee, the steel frame of AKRacing is promised to last a minimum of 10 years, which they back with the warranty. The chair is guaranteed up to 5 years only, but that’s still a pretty long commitment.

It goes to show that with the same tender loving care given to a PU leather seat, fabric seats can potentially last a lot longer since they won’t chafe or peel over time. They can, and probably will, fade.

Availability Of Replacement Parts

AKRacing deserves it’s spot as a top-end brand, and not just because they deliver on top-end products, but more importantly, they provide after sales service. Sad to say, after sales is often an afterthought. In some regions, you’ll be able to directly order spare parts from the AKRacing gaming chair website.

Product Overview


I truly believe the fabric upholstery brings comfort to a whole new level. When you’re in a few hours after having declared war, fabric seats won’t feel as stuffy as leather seats, especially if you’ve started to build up some sweat from an intense gaming session.

ak racing

The seats themselves are quite accommodating for someone with my build.

The bucket seats aren’t too deep or narrow, and the bolsters of the backrest don’t push in too much on the sides. It’s clearly not an XL gaming chair, but for me, it’s as if this AKRacing gaming chair was tailor made.


They claim to use some sort of “cold-cured foam” that supposedly lasts much longer than the standard padding found in other chairs. Only time can tell if that’s true, but AKRacing seems confident of that fact, as far as offering a lengthy warranty on the chair.

ak racing chair durability

The base is made of what appears to be die-cast metal, giving it a very solid structure. And even though the gas-lift slides onto the base without any securing screws or bolts, the chair is still surprisingly sturdy even with while rocking at an angle.


The ergonomics are weird, because the seat is a bit shorter and wider then what you’d typically expect for a high back computer gaming chair.

ak racing ergonomics

I especially like the curves of the side bolsters on both the bottom and backrest since they’re not as constrictive as other racing-style seats and have more room to lean. It doesn’t feel like I’m being forced to sit upright all the time.

Weak Points

Sadly, my favorite feature is actually a bit of a dealbreaker for some gamers - at least, I’d assume it is. Fabric is obviously much more difficult to clean and worse, unlike PU leather, absorbs spills and stains.

You’d expect, for the price you’re paying, to get some additional bells and whistles, unfortunately, it may not be the case in this AKRacing chair review. For over $200 I was looking for full armrest adjustments, but it turns out they only go up and down.

They do try to make up for it with padded armrests, but honestly, either the padding is just too thin or stiff that it doesn’t make much of a difference than if it were typical solid plastic armrests.

AKRacing Gaming Chair vs DXRacer: Which One Is Better?

Since you're paying top-dollar, you demand to get top value. And in many ways, just like the comparable DXRacer gaming chairs, the AKRacing chair lives up to its potential. Generally speaking, it’ll probably be a toss up on personal preferences.

DXRacer has a taller backrest, tends to have deeper buckets, and fully adjustable armrests. On the other hand, AKRacing offers comfortable fabric upholstery, padded armrests, and wider seats.Clearly there’s one specific feature that wins it out for me, so AKRacing takes the win in my opinion.

Wrapping Up

I think I can safely say that the AKRacing is my favorite among the racing-style gaming chairs.

Although it’s not perfect, and the price will definitely upset the missus, it still hits everything important for me in a gaming chair - or office chair for that matter.

From the crisp fabric, to the solid structure, it definitely puts a smile on my face and provides undeniable comfort for long hours regardless whether I’m working or playing long hours.

AK Racing Review
  • 8/10
    Overall - 8/10


It’s a great chair that sets the bar high for the other brands and models. It’s not the best, but a top contender nonetheless.

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