eSports Awareness Scholarship Program

A $1,200 Yearly Scholarship Program By

Hanna Seo Is An eSports Advocate

We believe that eSports isn’t just about playing video games and a “past time” – it’s a booming industry and there certainly are great, professional career paths for those interested in pursuing their passion for eSports.

Universities like Robert Morrison Unversity have already taken the leap and are offering eSports Scholarships to interested students.

Hanna Seo, a website dedicated to furthering interest in eSports and health in eSports with topics on ergonomic gaming desks, for example, has launched an eSports Scholarship program.

What Is The eSports Awareness Scholarship Program?

We recognize the ability of words to move people’s hearts and change their minds. To better spread positive awareness and to remove the stigma around “playing video games”, we’ve created the eSports Awareness Scholarship program. Moreover, we want to help creative minds display their penchant for writing.

Who Are Eligible To Apply?

Any Undergraduate or Post Graduate student is eligible to receive a $1,200 award.

Students who are currently studying in the areas of Marketing, Business, IT, Economics, or Communications may be extremely interested in this scholarship program. Those already in the eSports industry as a semi-professional player, coach, manager, streamer, or artist (cosplay, painting, sculpture, digital works) are also encouraged to apply.

One does not need expertise to apply to this program, passion or interest in eSports is enough.

How Can I Apply?

  • Write a well-written and well-researched article about eSports – anything about eSports should do, but we prefer topics about Economics, Marketing, career paths related to the industry, or the stigma around playing video games.
  • The article should be at least 800 words long
  • If you’re using statistics or any pertinent data, please provide the sources as well.
  • Submit the article in .doc or .docx format along with your details on the form below.

After sending your entry, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours stating that your submission has been received.

Important Dates

This scholarship will run from January 10, 2017 to July 10, 2017. The winning article will be announced on July 20, 2017. The scholarship will be awarded to one (1) student.