Do You Love eSports? Become A Contributor!

Do you have a smoldering passion for gaming? We want you!

We’re looking for writers or contributors that have an unhealthy (not really) passion for gaming. We don’t care if you’re a PC, Console, Tabletop, Trading Card Games, and even mobile gaming guy or gal – if you have the passion, you’re welcome to contribute! I highly encourage you to submit your write ups here at Hanna Seo and become a contributor.

What can a I submit to you?

Absolutely anything with substance and depth. We’re mostly looking for the following types of content:

Unlike other gaming sites that publishes 300-word pieces and call it a day, we prefer publishing longer pieces of content, something that can withstand THE TEST OF TIME!


  • All articles should be error free. We will not accept sloppy pieces of content.
  • Length should be at least 800 words, excluding the title.
  • In-depth and well-researched. We don't accept articles like "Faker 1v9's Game, Gets A Pentakill Before Winning" - we're looking for in-depth, well-researched articles that makes an impact.

Are there any perks to becoming a contributor for Hanna Seo?

Of course! All accepted and published pieces are paid $25. I’m not Pewdiepie so I really can’t pay anything more, but I will pay for love of eSport! You also get to put your name out there – each piece you publish will have your name on it. You never know, this could be a to something big.

Lastly, if you have your own blog, you can promote it on your articles every once in a while.

We’re also in the process of making a t-shirt so stay tuned.